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Jan 12, 2007 08:51 PM

Visiting San Francisco in February

Coming out for a conference in February and would love to find some local hot spots does not have to be Haute cuisine Just great food at a good price. We love all types of food (Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc)

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  1. Can you narrow it down? What are your prefered cuisines (e.g. what kind of Asian), and what part of town are you looking at?

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    1. re: coolbean98

      Have you done a search or read recent postings? This exact question has been asked repeatedly in the last 3 weeks. If you search and come up with specific places to query, you'll get many more responses.

      Regardless, a more specific price range (there's no way to know what "a good price" means to you), atmosphere (by "hot spot" do you mean trendy, hipster, hole-in-the-wall, or something else?) neighborhoods/proximity to your digs, how many breakfasts/lunches/dinners, and where you're coming from would be a good start. There are a billion and one places that fit into your current criteria and board hounds get a little weary of this question, so they might not reply!

    2. As usual I'll recommend Tu Lan - great and cheap Vietnamese grub on 6th at market...

      Taqueria Cancun - 19th at Mission

      So many others....I'll leave it up to the locals...I moved away...

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      1. re: jbyoga

        Unless the OP wants a stiff smell of urine at the door and the opportunity to dodge junkies in front of the methadone clinic, I would not recommend Tu Lan to out-of-towners. That said, there may not be a viet restaurant in town that is BOTH better and cheaper.

        1. re: Civil Bear

          Gotta call BS here - I was there a few weeks ago and the only scent was the great food cookin' - and - a few nice folks outside minding their own business...agree with you though about the food! Great and cheap!

          I love recommending Tu lan to visitors so they can experience food they might no be able to get elsewhere....unadventurous folks can eat elsewhere and miss out....

          1. re: jbyoga

            I've never eaten at Tu Lan, but I like the theatre a lot and Golden Gate is across the street. It is not fair to a visitor to be flip about that area. If people know what they are getting into that is one thing. There's a reason there are security guards outside the theatre for even afternoon matinees. That is one tough neighborhood.

            To the OP, the Ferry Building on Saturday morning has some good eats, but I agree that for useful info you'll need to post what part of town you will be in for the conference and how far you are willing to travel.

            1. re: rworange

              Not meaning to mislead anyone here - go for lunch in broad daylight if that'll make you feel more comfortable. I've eaten there for over 10 years and have never once been accosted or harassed in any way at all.

              And Rworagne - go eat there soon!

              some faves - #17 #74 and lemon beef, shrimp, or tofu salad, fried rice!! coffee....anything VN style...

              1. re: jbyoga

                Thanks I was thinking of finally going there to decide which camp I belong in, so I'm glad to have the recs.

                1. re: rworange

                  Cool! Looking forward to your post!

                  If you drink coffee, order with the food as it takes 10min to drip..mix with the cup of ice they'll give you and maybe even dilute with a bit of water - it's like a coffee shake!

                  Put Sriacha on all of it! (except the coffee!)