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making whey?

I'm making whey, or trying to....What color is it supposed to be? When i put it through the cheese cloth (quadrupled up - last time I used a dishtowel I could not get the smell out). all the liquid which is white just went into the bowl. Yes, I'm following Nourishing Traditions cookbook....IS whey white? Last time I did it, it was yellowy and clear?

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  1. I have never made whey specifically but have had it occur as a bi-product of home cheesemaking. Mine has always been clear to white, never yellow.

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      is it thick, like milk, or is it thinner, like you can see through it?

    2. It's thin, and clear (-ish), and in my experience yellowish. But I have to admit I'm paying a lot more attention to the curds than to the whey most of the time.

      1. I have to second yellowish...the reason behind this is the riboflavin that is naturally occuring in the whey of milk is yellow.

        1. I'm also making cream cheese + whey from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I let raw milk sit at room temperature for four days, then strained half of it through one layer of cheesecloth overnight. What came out was thick and white - I think it had been over-handled, as my husband suggested I stir it to make it drain faster (doh!). I started over with the other half and it seems to be working. The whey is yellowish, although a little cloudy, and the curd is still dripping but seems to be firming up. Next time I think I'll let the milk sit a shorter time and double up the cheesecloth.

          1. It should be yellowish, bordering on very pale green.

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              i have a whey making question & it sounds like you know what you're doing...i let raw goat milk sit for about 2 days. the curds separated, yet i don't know it i let it sit long enough. i poured the separated milk through a strainer w/ a towel lining the inside and followed the 'Nourishing Traditions' instructions. i have never made whey before. is it really smelly? mine stinks. also, is it harmful if it doesn't sit long enough? apparently my husband tasted the 'cream cheese' portion of the process and said it tasted bad. does that indicate the milk wasn't ready or good? thanks!

            2. Cool, more home cheesemakers. Currently hanging and aging from the floor joists in my basement are 8-week old Montasio, 4-week old Gouda, and I'm munching on a 13 week blue ( Stilton-like ). Others that I make are cow's milk feta ( yes, I know ), Haloumi, and Emmanthal among others.
              Yogurt, kefir, creme fraiche, and buttermilk are also homemade at my place.

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                That sounds amazing! Where did you get the info to know how to do that?

                I have dabbled but certianly not as advanced as you!


              2. i too tried the same thing. i got white stuff just a little thinner than milk. i am wondering how tell if the curds separated from the whey versus if i just skimmed the cream out of the milk. maybe you get the yellow whey when you start with yogurt bot raw milk?

                1. Hi, Fellow Whey Travelers,
                  I, too, have been attempting to re-make my life as a Nourishing Tradition. I have found a local raw milk source, but keep wasting half gallons of it trying to get me some whey! Like some of ya'll, I end up with a paler, thinner, stinkier version of milk. I've tried letting it sit for four days, then tried eight, with the same result. It never became clear-ish, yellow-ish, and I never got my lacto-fermentation on! Who, oh who, can help??

                  1. When I remove the whey from my yogurt, it does have a small amount of white on top or in the whey. don't worry about it. it's still whey and excellent for you. I add some in my water. According to NT and Sally Falon, why is great for your bones and the rest of your body. I use a dishtowel when I drain my yogurt, the trick is to rinse it out right after you remove the yogurt and get it into the washer shortly there after. hope this helps