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Jan 12, 2007 08:38 PM

Great food in Portland

I'm going to be in Portland all next week and am hoping for some input on great local favourites.

I already have plans to have sushi at Murata so any other kind of restaurant would be great. Thanks to everyone who suggested that.

I would like, however to stay away from "American Contemporary" or fine dining restaurants as I'm in that line of work and am tired of it by the time I get away. If you suggest a place and happen to know of its website that would be much appreciated as well.


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  1. Why don't you just look down a few topics at "Portland First Timer"? Everything you want is there. In general, if you stroll down NE Alberta or N Mississippi streets, you'll pass many many local faves.

    1. ...not to mention 28th between Glisan & Stark!

      Just scroll back over this heading & you'll find plenty.

      Please feel free to ask more specific queries as you gain more info. What are your tastes!


      1. Thanks, there's definitely some good info there but alot of the places there are on the fine dining end, and like I the time I get time off I can't stand the thought of fine dining.

        To be specific... I like all kinds of cuisine but especially love spicy stuff. Love local breweries with good barfood, love great locals' happy hours (I try to avoid anywhere filled with tourists I deal with them enough at work). I prefer aps or small plates over commiting to entrees. Enjoy wine flights and extensive local by the glass options.

        Great beer and wine
        Great oysters in a casual atmosphere
        Great burger (burgerville was mentioned on the last thread but for fries and shakes not the actual burger)
        Great Asian
        Laid back service- I really don't feel like dressing up
        Places where local cooks and chefs hang out a big plus

        Thanks for all your input, hope this helps.

        1. Don't know where you are from or what you are looking for but here's some places to try.

          (Ok everyone, recite it with me now... ;o)

          Pok Pok (not your average Thai


          Simpatica (esp. for Sunday brunch


          Apizza Scholls -

          Podnah's Pit BBQ

          Pambiche (Cuban)

          Andina (Peruvian)

          Ken's Artisan Pizza

          Pix (desserts)

          Malay Satay Hut

          Karam (Lebanese)

          Bun Bo Hue (Vietnamese


          Banh Cuon Tan Dinh (Vietnamese)

          Di Prima Dolci (for the cannoli!)

          Sahagun (for hot chocolate, especially)

          BeWon (upscale Korean)
          Hae Rim (in Beaverton, downscale Korean


          Others can tell you where to go for Mexican, I am sure.

          1. seems like pambiche gets a lot of love here. I dont really think their food is that great. I've never recommeded the place to anyone.

            although maybe I'm just biased because I get the awesome homemade dishes from my cuban grandmother.

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            1. re: amopdx

              I might feel the same way if I had a Cuban grandmother, amopdx. ;o)

              But I don't :o( - so Pambiche will have to do, I guess. Seriously though, I go on a regular basis, 6-10 times a year probably, and I have never had a bad meal there. I have also taken a lot of out of town guests there (some of whom have never had Cuban) and they love it.