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where to go in Monrovia for dinner?

Going to dinner with a friend tonight, any suggestions? I've heard weird things about Devons decor/vibe...Sketchy accounts re. Mundial.

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  1. There's always Canadian Cafe... and if you want to have Asian food, SinBaLa in Arcadia is very tasty.

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      Canadian Cafe recently closed its doors.

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        That's a bummer. I guess my thrice yearly visits there when I'm getting my car serviced weren't enough...

    2. In Monrovia, I've always enjoyed Wang's Palace. It's more of an Americanized Chinese restaurant than anything else, but the food is always good as is the service. A link to the restaurant is below:


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        Does anyone know if Wang's Palace has closed it's doors? I tried calling their 3 numbers from their website and all have been disconnected. Just wondering if anyone knew! That would suck, I love that Place!

        Wang's Palace
        423 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

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          Drove by Wang's earlier today and saw signs for Los Guerros in their windows...Hope Wang's hasn't closed. Love their Yangchow fried rice.

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            FYI - Wang's is about to open it's doors at their new location...around the corner from their old place on Lemon just east of Myrtle.

      2. Here is a recent thread discussing Wang's Palace.


        If you like red sauce Italian, you might want to go to Domenico's, here is a report from a few years ago:


        1. Rudy's - best Mexican in town. I think Devon is overrated.

          1. I would venture to Arcadia, and it would depend what kind of food you want. But, I don't know of any superb restaurants in Monrovia.

            However, I have heard of some French place that has no or low corkage fee with decent food and good prices in Monrovia. Does anyone know the name/address of this place?

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              I believe its called La Parisienne (sp?) its on Huntington, almost at the corner of buena vista

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                That's actually in Duarte. After descending further and further into expensive dreariness, it got a new owner who reportedly turned it around...but now I've heard it's changed again. Haven't been by lately - does anyone know?

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                  As I posted here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/508972, La Parisienne is (1) not in Duarte, but rather Monrovia, and (2) now called "3Cs."

            2. Hi,

              I would second Wang's Palace, and there's also a very good Thai restaurant on Myrtle called Sweet Garlic. Note that the Family Fair / Farmer's Market runs every Friday night (at least I still think it does during the winter) and Myrtle will be closed to car traffic tonight.

              1. If you want great food, fantastic service at a small quaint cozy place, no other place in town but Amori's. It's right across the street from Devon's. In fact, the chef (maybe owner) used to be the head chef at Devon's. Devon's has gone downhill ever since he left a few years ago. It's a must try!

                110 E. Lemon Ave. ( just east of Myrtle)

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                  Driving by last night and just noticed that Amori is no longer, Amori. It's now another place. Couldn't quite get the name. Does anyone have any information on what happen to Amori?

                  I'm bummed. Amori's was a wonderful little romantic restaurant.

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                    Does anyone happen to know what happen to Amori's?

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                      WHAT?! oh no... the owner, Pedro, absolutely used to be the chef at Devon. In fact, the menu at Devon hasn't changed even one bit since the day that he left. I had no idea Amori was gone, that's really too bad. Great food, great personable service, and a great chef.

                  2. If you're going specifically tonight, Peach Cafe (usually breakfast & lunch only) stays open till 9pm.



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                      Been there for lunch. Very good and somewhat original.

                    2. The French place you may have heard about could be Cafe Massilia, which I reviewed here some time ago. Relatively inexpensive, quite unpretentious. You'll have to ask them about corkage; their wine list is short but good, and 100% French. It's on Lemon, just off Myrtle, next door to the Craftsman lighting and furniture place.

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                        Reviving board for current Monrovia dinner info, please.
                        Group of 4 will meet in Monrovia about 7:00 pm -- traveling from Chino Hills, Santa Clarita, Silverlake, and West LA. Are Domenico's, Wang's Palace (new loc.), and/or Cafe Massilia still alive and well? Getting mixed signals from web sites.
                        Or any new suggestions?
                        Thanks, Eli

                        Wang's Palace
                        423 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

                        Cafe Massilia
                        110 east lemon avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016

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                          The Monrovia Domenico's has seen better days. The one in Pasadena on Washington is much better.

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                            The various Domenico's locations are, I believe, independently owned/operated and quality varies widely. The whole family story is something of a soap opera and, though I doubt I know more than 25% of the story, what I *do* know ain't pretty.

                            Meanwhile, I'd avoid the Monrovia Domenico's in favor of Massilia, Devon (if you feel like paying up), Shanghai Bamboo House, or Wang's Palace (if you find Shanghai Bamboo House a tad too authentic). London Gastropub shows some promise but the kitchen is still a bit too inconsistent.

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                              How is Devon these days? I have not returned since several consecutive lackluster experiences about four years ago after Pedro, the original chef, departed. Before that, I was a semi-regular since 1998.

                              Also, what’s the word on Wang’s Place (name/location change)? Chow-worthy?

                              1. re: degustateur

                                Devon was still quite good when I was last there (about a year ago), but stuck in a bit of a comfort zone and not exactly the greatest bang for the buck.

                                Wang's Palace is one of the better Americanized-Chinese dining experiences around (food, service, ambiance). It won't win you any Chow-cred but will give you a decent meal without alienating older or more timid dining companions.

                      2. Give Cafe Massilia a try. Located in nostalgic downtown Monrovia, CM is a quaint, charming French bistro owned and operated by two Frenchmen who both hail from Marseille, the oldest city in France. Indeed, they have succeeded in bringing a pleasant taste of French culture and cuisine to the San Gabriel Valley.

                        I have enjoyed a number of delicious lunches and dinners there and they are now open for breakfast as well. The menu has recently been updated and expanded. Among my favorites are the escargots, goat’s cheese crepes, spinach and brie quiche, rack of lamb and the frog’s legs. Their cassoulet (Wednesday) and bouillabaisse (Friday) specials are superb. Finish your meal with a delightful crème brulee. Small but nice selection of wines by the glass or bottle.

                        The ambience is warm and inviting as is the attentive service. You can choose to dine inside or true bistro style on one of two outside front tables. Open 7 days, B/L/D.

                        Cafe Massilia
                        110 E Lemon Ave
                        Monrovia, CA 91016
                        (626) 471-3588

                        Cafe Massilia
                        110 east lemon avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016

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                          Delighted to see they're doing breakfast until noon - how civilized! Someone else mentioned here that he too eats in Monrovia while his car's being serviced; this has been my choice for lunch, but next time I'll get over there earlier!

                          When I took the in-laws here for dinner, Papa despised the escargots, I think because they were not served in shells. I disagreed then and still do - the snails have always been perfectly done, and the garlicky sauce wonderful for mopping up. Very friendly price, too.

                        2. Bashan is an OMG fine dinning experience. Tasting the five course dinner is about 10 tastes.

                          3459 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91208

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                            Agreed, but Bashan is in Montrose, not Monrovia (both charming foothill towns, but a good long slog down the 210...)