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Jan 12, 2007 08:13 PM

Restaurant week--what's the appeal?

So I've read plenty of reviews of SDRW restaurants and I'm still confused aobut its appeal. You're limited in your dinner options and how much is a three course meal that costs $40 without drinks going to cost anyway?? $45? $50? Can anyone toss me a bone here?

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  1. I think that the idea is to get people out and about trying new "high end" spots. We went to Roys this week. I added up the price of the three items I ordered and it totalled just over $40 (for a $40 menu). Although the food was decent, it was definitely not what I would have ordered off the "regular" menu. I left feeing very underwhelmed with the whole restaurant week. Tonight it is Oceannaire, so hopefully that is better.

    1. I think the point of SDRW is to get people out to try new higher end restaurants (I certainly had an easier time convincing people to come out to dinner this week than I would any other time). True, you could go to a restaurant and spend the same (or even less) if not everyone orders appetizers AND desserts, but it's also kind of convenient to have a "packaged" meal where you know what your total bill will be. Personally, it's an excuse to have a three course meal when we normally would only order an entree and a shared dessert.

      I don't think of it as limited meal options, since we usually choose a place we've never been to before. SDRW is supposed to allow restaurants to showcase their menu items so that you'll come back and try the rest of their menu. If there was a restaurant participating in SDRW that we went to for particular dishes that weren't on their SDRW menu, we wouldn't go this week and wait for their regular menu to come back. Or, maybe we would, since it would, in essence, force us to try different dishes.

      1. With many of the participating restaurants, a three course meal will set you back closer to $50-60.

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          I agree with the above IF you choose your restaurants carefully. Some of them will come close to $30-40 for 3 courses on the regular menu. The good, high-end ones will not, making SDRW a bargain!

          1. San Diego Restaurant Week.