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Jan 12, 2007 08:11 PM

48" Thermador Professional Dual Fuel Range Question

We've been using our 48" Thermador Professional range (4 burners, grill & griddle) for about six months now, and only last week had a chance to use the grill to cook some filet mignon. We preheated the grill for about 10 minutes prior to starting the steaks. After about 25 minutes of cooking on the highest setting, the meat was still very rare. We've got plenty of experience cooking outdoors on our gas grill, and these filets would have been cooked medium-well given the same amount of time cooking. Does anyone have any experience cooking on the grill with this model range? I need to figure out whether there is something that needs to be repaired, or if the grill feature is just meant for show...


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  1. Sounds like a problem according to the manual.If you have a probe type thermometer you can test.
    I would use one of those oven or barbeque style with the long lead.
    I would think you should see temperatures near or over the max of most of these thermos. Most of them max out around 500-550F.
    I have tested ovens, smokers,grills,broilers... this way and with many other devices. It's not deadly accurate but will let you know if you should call the service person.
    I would suspect you will be having a service call.

    1. Hi, we've got the 36" version of the Thermador Professional (dual fuel, 4 burners with grill). We've had no problems with the grill - gets damn hot - so I think you have a service issue.

      We do, on the other hand, have annoying ongoing issues with the burner ignitors, you may want to watch out for this:

      The first time we ran a cleaning cycle, the heat from the oven melted the shielding on wires leading to the burners and shorted the ignition switches (we found out later that our model wasn't installed with solid core wiring). End result (after a loud bang and a shower of sparks) was the none of the ignitors would work at all.

      Service techs visited repeatedly and replaced various parts, despite being told that the problem was probably related to the cleaning cycle and a melted wire, "so could you check the wiring please" [<rant> but, I'm just a girl so I don't know what I'm talking about /<rant>]. Finally a senior tech showed up, found the melted wire (ta da!), and replaced everything with solid core.

      However, the ignitors are still dodgy - sometimes they'll work, other times they'll spark maybe once every 10 clicks, sometimes they won't spark at all. We love the range otherwise, but this is very frustrating - especially when using the Extra Low setting. Probably won't buy Thermador again.

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      1. re: artgeek

        Please see post to kb2 below. Maybe some of my problems are melted wires related? Where is this wiring? Under the burners? Between burner and oven?
        Repeated tech non-service visits?...hmm..sounds very familiar.
        Tech just called with more-- dare I call it-- info? He's (are you ready?) ordering more parts--some new parts and some of the same parts just replaced. He's sticking with his story: "these things happen...things just go out...don't last forever...some surge could have worn down the circuitry...blah, blah...Thermador said that temp display now jumps to the temp set by the knob instead of displaying the oven temp...". RIDICULOUS!

      2. Thanks to those who replied to this question. I did have a service technician visit and he found that the thermostats were located too close to the flame, hence registering too high of a temperature. Once relocated to the correct spot, the grill works fine.

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        1. re: kb2

          Me too! Flame on gas grill too low. (PDR364GLZS Have had for ~3yrs.) Were you able to adjust the flame with the panel knob? Mine has no effect on the flame.

          I'm glad you were able to find a competent technician. My experience is more like "artgeek".
          The grill is just one of MANY problems. [ LONG story posted on ("atmylimit") but so far, no replies.]

          Your technician said the thermostats were located too close to the flame. What thermostats? Did you see them? Where are they located? How did he relocate them? Any tools needed?
          Thank you.