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Jan 12, 2007 08:02 PM

Mirin, West Village, quick, help

Does anybody know where I can find mirin in the West Village? I just found the recipe I want to make and need to do my shopping on my way home from work...

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  1. Um, Gourmet Garage should have mirin, on 7AS near Christopher.

    1. Sunrise Mart (a Japanese store)--there is a branch on broome street near West Broadway. Not quite the West Village, but close.


      1. Gourmet Garage did indeed have it, although it was the domestic stuff (and overpriced at five bucks for a 10-ounce bottle). Sunrise Mart carries the real deal, and is cheaper, but it was a bit too far away from where I was yesterday. It's a great market.
        thanks for your prompt and helpful responses!