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Jan 12, 2007 07:48 PM

CHEZ MIMI or LE PETIT CAFE for a nice French meal in Santa Monica?

Which do you prefer, and why?

I am craving a nice French meal in a warm setting.

LOVE cassoulet, duck confit, souffles, steak frites, etc.


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  1. Both are really good. Le Petit is a little more casual, with menus on the chalk board and nice, but not excellent service. I like to go and split a main with my wife (for $4 you get full sides on both plates, worth it), a bowl of french onion soup and we split a dessert. With a glass of wine, I think that comes out to about $100 total. Here's my review of Le Petit:

    Chez Mimi is a bit higher end, with formal menus and formal service. It's also a bit more expensive. The duck with cherry sauce was very good. Here's my review of Chez Mimi:

    As to which I prefer, I go to Le Petit more often, because for the price, I think that it is a better value. If money was no object, I would probably still split them 50/50. If I was trying to impress someone I would go to Chez Mimi. If I was looking for a more lighthearted, fun dinner with friends, I would go to Le Petit.

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      Many thanks for all the details.

    2. for your info: the owner of "le petit cafe" is from the South of France
      the owner of "chez Mimi" is from the province of Quebec
      the food is somewhat different, similar but with different specialties

      1. Chez Mimi - French, warm and charming. Gotta try it once for sure.

        1. Other than maybe a steak frites, you won't find cassoulet or souffles on the menu at Le Petit Cafe. You should try Anisette, or maybe Lily's on Abbott Kinney.