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best mexican regional cookbooks

Based on the thread about good italian regional cookbooks I was just wondering if there are any good mexican regional cookbooks. I know that there are cookbooks which cover all of Mexico but discuss about certain dishes coming from certain regions but similar to Italy I am interested to get cookbooks which focus only on particular regions of Mexico. (So the questions is if there are any "The Spendid Table" analogs for Mexico)

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  1. Check out Diana Kennedy. Cuisines of Mexico, Mexican Regional Cooking etc.

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      I might overlook some books from Diana Kennedy but I think she doesn't have any books which focus only on one region at a time. There are books which have chapters covering certain regions but I feel that those books only scratch the surface of the different regions. I much more prefer to have books covering only one region in much more depth.

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        If you feel that way about Kennedy after actually using the books, fine.
        The essence of her approach is teasing out the regional specialties; IMHO Diana Kenndy does far more than scratch the surface.

    2. I just checked out Susana Trilling's, Season's of My Heart: A culinary journey through Oaxaca, Mexico. This region's food is particularly fascinating for me, and the recipes generally sound wonderful. I hope to test out at least a couple of recipes from the book before I return it. The writing is nice and you get a feel for her connection to the locals. I do wish there were more food photos though! Some of the ingredients may be difficult to find depending on where you live, and I didn't see much on substitutions. Anyone have specific comments about this book?

      Amazon listing:

      1. A Yucatan Kitchen by Loretta Scott Miller is fairly good. It's a relatively small, plain-Jane cookbook with no pictures or stylish graphics, but the recipes are good.

        The Border Cookbook by Jamison & Jamison includes the cooking of Northern Mexico which tends to get ignored or dismissed in many general Mexican Cookbooks. It's a good cookbook that also has U.S. regional variations on Mexican food of the border states. Big cookbook but no photos in this one either.

        1. Zarela's Vera Cruz - cooking and culture in Mexico's tropical melting pot.

          1. Check out Rick Bayless's books - his recipes are outstanding. I don't know how much he differentiates between regions, though.

            1. If you can read Spanish I found a series of books at the Ritmo Latino Music store next to El Tigre in Escondido that offer cookbooks entitled with the region. I recall them stocking: Jalisco, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Queretero etc.

              There are about three thick books by DK - the knowledge I have gleaned from reading all of these - definitly does more than scratch the surface.

              I reccomend you checking all three of these out and reading from cover to cover rather than skimming and or picking where to read.

              1. Food from My Heart by Zarela Martinez has to be my all-time favorite for great reading in a cook book. Just wish I could find all those different chiles. Sigh...

                1. I was browsing Zarela Martinez' earlier 'Food and Life of Oaxaca', and was very taken with it. History, food, recipes. I'll be getting it soon. What I liked about the chapter that I read was the background of the cuisine, what came from where, when and why. I really like that. And the fact that she grew up with the cuisine.

                  I'm re-reading Diana Kennedy Cuisines of Mexico, and it is definitely worth the effort. There is a lot that I missed the first time through.