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Atasca or O'Cantinho?

I know both are owned by the same people, but I see a lot more postings on O'Cantinho. We have a friend who is Portugese and he and his wife recommended Atasca. I had plans to grab some dinner there this weekend, but I'm wondering if O'Cantinho is better? Opinions?

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    1. Atasca
      the atmosphere, the food and service

        1. If the original Atasca on Broadway were still around, I'd choose that. Atasca #2 (on Hampshire Street near One Kendall) doesn't have nearly as much charm as the original; I think it's kind of sterile and corporate-looking. The food being equal (which I think it is), I prefer the more rustic, casual atmosphere at O Cantinho. And I believe it has a bigger selection of dessert pastries, perhaps due to its former role as a Portuguese bakery.

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            I miss that Broadway location, too. I think the menu at Atasca is bigger and a bit more upscale, though they certainly share some dishes in common. If you're going in a group and want to experiment with a lot of different dishes, I would choose Atasca. (I agree with MC that the room feels corporate.)

            I think O Cantinho is charming. The service is less formal and more personal. It would be great to dine solo, with a small group or even a date (but maybe not on a first date--it's too quiet, zero privacy). MC is right in that the dessert options may be more (check out the front case) and oh, do they make a great cappuccino.

            O Cantinho is less expensive overall.

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              It looks like something is at/coming to the Broadway location. There's a sign with something Sol on it. It isn't a tanning salon or anything is it?

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                Yes, Con Sol opened in the Broadway location. Charming interior, although a little devoid of patrons as no one seems to know about it (and yes, it looks like it could be a tanning salon from the outside). Don't know who the owners are but the staff is very friendly and the food tasty. They bill themselves as 'Iberian cuisine' rather than straight Portuguese but I don't know that I can distinguish.

                They didn't have a alcohol service at first, but now that has arrived so I can recommend it fully.

          2. I'll be blunt: which is less expensive?

            1. Thanks for the replies. We ended up at O'Cantinho, mainly because I snagged a spot across the street. The place was empty when we walked in around 7pm, but started to fill up quickly. The Carne de Porco à Alentejana was great. I had been craving that since having my friend's aunt's version at his birthday. My girlfriend got some kind of seafood stew that was pretty good as well. We skipped the dessert and walked down to the B-Side for a drink instead. Very crowded, but good cocktails.

              1. Stopped by O'Cantinho for lunch this weekend. How disappointing -- was really looking forward to their presunto with sharp cheese sandwich.

                When did they close? Anyone know how the Atasca sandwiches compare, or what's going into the space?

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                  Are they closed?! That's news to me and disappointing if true. Are you sure that they just are not open for lunch?

                  EDIT: Website still up and they are closed on Sunday. Was it Sunday?

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                    Their plants are still in the window, and at first I thought they might just be on vacation. But there is a big handwritten sign on the door directing diners to Atasca and asking for mail to be delivered next door. Also, their phone number has an outgoing message saying that O'Cantinho is closed and directs diners to Atasca.

                    In the past, I thought O'Cantinho's versions of the caldeirada de peixe and the mariscada were better than Atasca's. Any recs for good versions of these dishes in that area?

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                        Thanks for the further info...that's a shame. I liked the atmosphere there an awful lot.

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                          are you sure it's not just a renovation of some sort? this is sad, if true.

                    1. o'cantinho is no more,owner sold business but still owns building....italian eatery on the way...mangiare

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                        Oh BOY! Another Italian restaurant...you can never have enough of those.

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                          In memoriam:

                          Here was my tribute a while back:

                          This is very sad.

                        2. Tried to visit the Atasca website this evening - the domain ownership expired on 11/1.
                          What is going on with these folks? Apparently some kind of crisis.