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Jan 12, 2007 07:06 PM

Portland Buffets (All You Can Eat)

Any recommendations for some great all you can eat places in Portland? Its been awhile since anyone has dived into this topic much. There are many notable places that range from brunch to sushi to pure crap. Among the places that come to mind:

Todai (sometimes good, often times crap)
Indian Restaurants (like Swagat)
Chinese Restaurants (Dime A Dozen)
Shenanigans on Willamette
Salty's on the Columbia River

Anything good come up from the last few years? Looking for more brunch places that are similar (but hopefully better) than Salty's or Shenanigans.

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  1. I am not sure but I think that the London Grill in the Benson Hotel does a Sunday buffet brunch.

    It's not in Portland proper, but I have actually been to the Sunday brunch at the Multnomah Falls Lodge. Beautiful setting, OK food...I don't think it is really worth the money, but it wasn't that bad.

    1. For Indian, try Chennai Masala.

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      1. re: extramsg

        You know, I went to Chennai Masala for about the third time yesterday for lunch, and I have to issue a downhill alert. A few of the things were not good, with dried-out, seriously overcooked chicken--I think it was the chicken vindaloo, but since it was also not spicy I'm not sure that is correct. The tandoori chicken was also pretty flavorless.

        I took a friend from out of town, and she was put off when we walked in by the combined smell of Indian spices and cleaning solution (not a good combo, although I'm glad that it was clean).

        1. re: Nettie

          Was this just a one-time thing, or has it progressively gone down? I haven't been since the new year. But one off day doesn't mean the place has gone downhill. But if people start reporting that it's the norm.... It certainly wouldn't be the first time for a local Indian restaurant. But I'll reserve judgment for now.

          1. re: extramsg

            I think it's been progressively worse each time I've gone, but this visit made me think that I don't need to go back.

            1. re: Nettie

              The last two times I went, it was not as impressive as some other places I've been. I'm supportive of it regardless since Portland needs many more Indian places.

              1. re: Foodaholic

                I just went today and it was great. There was an awesome pongal and a light cabbage poriyal. The Sambar was very nice as were the vadas. I was eatin' veg, so I can't vouch for the chicken items.

      2. For brunch, perhaps the most wonderful of all is the London Grill in the Benson. You'll pay top dollar -- I think it's like $36, but if quality and quantity is what you're after, check it out. Pastries, lamb chops, salmon, eggs benedict, home made doughnuts to die for, omelet's all there, and all quite good.

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        1. re: surfer dude

          I have not been to London Grill just yet, but it sounds fantastic and the reviews seem to be consistent in that the food is fantastic, the dining is upscale, and the prices are a bit much. I am curious to know how many brunch buffets there are out there. In general, I think a majority of the buffets are well-hidden throughout Portland.

        2. I've always enjoyed Todai. In my experience in the Portland branch, the food is fresh, plentiful, and well-prepared. This is not haute sushi, but decent food a very good price. I've taken many guests to dinner here and everyone likes it.

          By the way, I've had lots worse Asian food at many Portland eateries.

          1. I was just thinking that with all the Scandinavians in the PNW, how come we don't have a decent "real" smorgasbord. If you're ever in Bergen, Norway be sure to try the one at the Hotel Norge.