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Jan 12, 2007 06:59 PM

The Pig - Los Angeles

Friend has chosen "The Pig" for dinner tomorrow and I was wondering what I should get. What's good, what's not? Looks like they are very reasonable price-wise. Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi... I always get the pulled pork sandwich combo plate. They'll put slaw on the sandwich, unless you specify otherwise. 4 of their own bottled sauces on the table to choose from. The combo portion consists of good baked beans and good potato salad. Their desserts are also very good. And they have a great selection of Galco-type sodas in glass bottles... Their ribs were just OK... I think I'm the only soul on this board that likes The Pig, probably because I know zilch about BBQ....

    1. WildSwede: what happened?

      1. Honestly, I used to LOVE going to The Pig. The last time I went there, about three months ago, they had just changed over to new owners. The buns were different and dry, not enough coleslaw, and no unique nostalgic sodas. I was incredibly disappointed. Don't know that I'd ever go again. I went with about five other people who had been there frequently in the past and they agreed that it had changed for the worse.

        Even the number of items they offer has decreased considerably.

        Too bad.

        1. What new owners? No application to change the abc license on the site for over the past year or so.

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            New owner or new manager...It's just not good. So depressing. The crazy-haired, punked-out, tatooed, and pierced guy that always ran the register wasn't there anymore. They practially chipped everything off of the big huge wooden menu board.

            It's just not good anymore. Maybe they were remodeling. All I know is that I'll never go back.

            I need to find a new BBQ place to go to.

          2. Was there recently and thought it was awful, sorry. I've tried the pulled pork, which was just okay. I was urged to go back and try the ribs, and thought they were worse. I've posted more specific details on my blog.

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            1. re: Kishari

              Funny. We ended up going (5:30-ish on a Saturday) and they were out of ribs, greens, basically everything except the cole slaw, potato salad, mashed potatoes, pulled beef and pulled pork. I was dreaming of the ribs and greens, ended up with the pulled beef sandwich. So not impressed. I did, however, enjoy slathering on the plethora of sauce offerings on the table. Being the sauce-girl that I am, it was great. However, that is not enough to make me go back. I will stick with Zeke's.

              1. re: WildSwede

                "...they were out of ribs, greens..."

                That's just sad. How can you be out of two BBQ staples at an early dinner hour????!?!?