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Jan 12, 2007 06:38 PM

Help in San Diego... need young, hip restaurant

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with a "scene", but still a quality restaurant?

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  1. Bit tough to go wrong anywhere in the Gaslight District. Osetra is pretty cool, with the flying wine girl.

    1. Any places other than Osetra that stick out in that area?

      1. JoRDaN at Tower 23 in PB fits your request.


        1. JRDN at Tower 23 is a good choice, it's on the beach in PB. In the Gaslamp you might try Stinagee, Red Pearl Kitchen, Confidential, Chive, Dussini, or the Gaslamp Strip Club.

          Have fun!

          1. I totally agree with JRDN at Tower 23 in Pacific Beach. I am generally not a fan of the Gaslamp area but Red Pearl is a great recomendation. Another restaurant that you might consider in Bankers Hill--though it is a bit more expensive than JRDN and not any better--Modus. Finally, Jack's in La Jolla has quite the scene with good food, though it is more expensive than the other places mentioned.