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Jan 12, 2007 06:25 PM

Birthday Cakes - Upper West Side

My sister's birthday is coming up and I need to pick up a delicious tasting birthday cake. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good place to buy a cake on the Upper West Side?

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  1. Soutine Bakery and Buttercup Bakeshop are both on the 70s (70th and 72nd sts respectively i believe) and make great cakes.

    1. Crumbs - 75th/amsterdam

      Homemade bake shop - 78th-79th/amsterdam

      1. Buttercup is the best, but it isn't cheap. It is on 72nd, I believe between Columbus and Amsterdam/Broadway.

        1. Silver Moon (105 and Broadway) and Kitchenette (122 and Broadway) both do Birthday Cakes. The ones from Kitchenette are perfect!

          1. Oops. Kitchenette is on 122 and Amsterdam (not 122 and Broadway). You can call them and have them and order and have the cake delivered to your home/party.

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              FWIW Homemade Bake Shop is same owners as Kitchenette

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                Then go for Homemade Bake Shop. Kitchenette bakes its cakes somewhere out in New Jersey so the cakes probably come from the same oven anyway.