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Jan 12, 2007 06:20 PM

What To Order at Izayoi?

I live Downtown and really want to try Izayoi based on all the positive commentary on CH. However - and I know it's sacrilege to most of you foodies, but I can't help it - I'm not crazy about sashimi. What else do you all recommend?

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  1. Simmered pork belly. Unctuous and delicious.

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    1. re: alla giudia

      I 2nd the pork belly and grilled yellow tail collar recs.

      What are those "packets" that are served in the pork belly?

      1. re: JAB

        You know, I once asked--but for some reason I seem to have, er, blocked the answer. Anyone have a less squeamish memory? For the uninitiated, the packets are little starchy, stomach-like (and possibly literally stomach)dumplings tied at one end. But don't let them deter you-- even if you're not the type to order sperm sacs at a sushi bar, the pork belly is fantastic.

    2. There are lots of non-sashimi items of the long and varied menu, which is divided by cooking method (i.e. simmered, broiled, grilled, fried, etc.). If you like sushi, there are some non-raw offerings: the eel avocado roll is very good, and the fresh sea eal (anago) nigiri is grilled and then seasoned with yuzu and salt.

      For veggies: the mustard green salad is delicious, the goma ae (simmered spinach with sesame sauce) is excellent, and I'm also a fan of their hijiki seaweed.

      For pickled items: the crab and cucumbers is good.

      For cooked fish: try the sardine "hamburger" (a baked patty of minced sardine), sardines wrapped in shiso leaves and tempura-fried; miso-broiled black cod, grilled yellowtail collar, seafood croquettes.

      Also, they have soba and udon. Lots to choose from.

      1. fresh scallop sashimi, you'll get very succulent thin slices of scallop in between thin slices of lemon on the shell. later, they bring you some cooked scallop (the tougher pieces) with a rich sauce.

        braised pork belly, so warming, luxurious, puts you in heaven

        duck soup with tofu and Asian vegetables, think it's called a hotpot or casserole

        gingko nuts, they serve them hot and roasted on a bed of salt. yummy.

        spanish mackerel sushi

        fried squid legs

        1. and if you like (cooked) eel, their eel on rice is about as good as any I've had anywhere in the US.

          r gould-saltman

          1. i had their croquettes... nicely deep fried and delicious!

            also, their miso black cod is great.