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Jan 12, 2007 06:20 PM

Four Seasons Grille at Waugh Chapel/Crofton?

My husband and I are going to the Four Seasons Grille at Waugh Chapel this weekend. Has anyone one been? What are your opinions on it? I could only find a partial review from the Washington Times online, with the first page not functioning.


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  1. I went for a Sunday lunch a few months ago with a buddy. I ordered a turkey/gouda sandwich and he got a burger. Somehow they brought me a crabcake sandwich, which I would have eaten but they didn't give the chance to say anything after I brought up the mix up. We were both happy with the food, though I would've preferred normal sized fries and not the little stick thingys, or whatever they're called.
    I would definitely go back again, though probably not for dinner unless it's a special occasion. Their lunch/brunch menu had several tempting dishes on it.
    The service was pretty good, especially considering they'd been open for not much more than a month. I'd be more than happy to go back again. I think that's the site.

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        It was pretty good. My party wasn't very adventurous, though. I ordered the Vegetarian Moussaka, which was very good. The other 3 ordered the crab cakes. I tried my husband's. They were excellent. They had absolutely no breading and basically fell apart. The remoulade sauce had a nice kick to it. A nice thing they do is split the salads if you don't want a whole one. I never saw the check, so I don't know if there was a charge for this. The Bistro salad was delicious. I had the tiramisu for dessert. It was presented more like a pudding. My husband had the lemon cheesecake and my father-in-law had the creme brulee. I don't think either of them was disappointed.

        I enjoyed my meal and would definitely go back.

      2. I went with some friends soon after they opened a few months ago. I had the Agnolotti Porcini, which is half moon pasta filled with porcini mushrooms. It was very good and so was the bread and pesto butter they served to each table. Some people had entree salads and one had crab cakes. Everyone enjoyed their meals. I would like to go back with my husband, but we haven't had an opportunity yet. My understanding from a friend who went this weekend is to expect a 45-60 minute wait on a weekend evening.

        1. My Experience was the food was great and I loved the bread dip. My friends and I had lunch. But our service left alot to be desired from our waitress Annie

          1. Absolutely horrible costumer service!!! We were instructed to finish our meal by a certain time because there was a reservation coming in behind us...first time in 30 years! Dinner menu is overpriced and I will never return to this establishment.