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Jan 12, 2007 06:07 PM

Scaccia in Manulife

I used to love their arrabiata. And I thought for the longest time they had the best bruschetta in the city (where did they get real tomato tasting tomatoes all year around?).

Has anyone else noticed a change since the new owners? And does anyone know if the owners still have their second restaurant, and if so, where / what it is?

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  1. From what I heard it is still basically the same owner... It was owned by a brother and sister. The Brother now has the place on College (just east of Li'ly with the big face over the door - cant remember the name). The sister now controls Scaccia. I usually just get take out but seems to be the same guy in the kitchen and the same girl behind the counter that has been there for a couple of years. All in al seems same to me...

    1. Really, hmmm.

      When the waiter left (not the guy there now) the one before, who had been there forever, he told us the ownership was changing. Maybe it's the brother / sister thing getting more distinct.

      But the food seems the same to you, eh? We've been three times since 'the change' and our favourite dishes seem different. The meatball sandwiches at takeout seem the same though, so we've been kinda sticking to the takeout lately. Maybe I'll give the inside another go

      1. I went there a few weeks ago and I agree with Orange their bruschetta is one of the best around. The dishes seemed to be a little smaller but other than that, its a good place to chow.

        1. scaccia's always been owned by the same family... the difference in taste may be because one of the two longtime chefs left the restaurant. the head chef remains the same, but there is someone new working evenings and weekends.

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            oooh, interesting. thank you.
            I will try in the daytime just to be sure.

            We were only ever eating there on the weekends and evenings.