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Jan 12, 2007 06:01 PM

Union tonight...

First time tonight. Heard many good things. Any specific menu rec's?

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  1. DC had the hanger steak recently and really enjoyed it. I had ... one too many cocktails.

    1. Two excellent appetizer pastas on the current menu: gnocchi with clams, and sweet corn risotto. I also like the cod cakes and the buttercup squash bisque. For entrees, the arctic char, the roast chicken, the rigatoni, and the hangar steak are my faves. The lamb chops are also good, though I'm not sure they're worth $34 (though they used to be $40.)

      In general, the menu has gotten a little less ambitious and a lot more sensibly priced than in the past, and it remains a very comfy yet elegant dining room. Great service. Dessert tasting and cheese plate are both superb, as are the cocktails if veteran bartender Lee is making them. Some of his talented bartending colleagues have departed, and the new kids are a bit shaky.

      1. Hey Slim. Great recommendations. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our first dinner here. I had the sweet corn risotto...excellent! She had the fried eggplant salad. I had a taste and thought it very good. She went for the tenderlion and I tried the hangar steak. Both were done just as we ordered and very filling. You were right about the service too. I couldn't gauge the bartenders as I usually order bourbon on the rocks but my wife had a cosmo and liked it very much. All in all the place surpassed our expectations. Still not happy about Umbra closing and we were sad to see the lights out there but Union will fill in nicely.

        1. I'm glad that you had a good time, Sal. This place has the too-rare virtue of consistency on all fronts, which makes it easy to recommend. If you like the overall experience, you can expect them to deliver on it time after time. The food isn't the most innovative, but I find it easier to return to than many of its less-consistent nearby competitors.

          1. We went to Union for the first time last night and were very impressed. We had been to a wine tasting class prior & filled up on foccaccia (and wine), so we split an appetizer special of crab cakes which we both loved. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and served with a truffled aoili and a little salad of frissee & herbs. I had the rack of lamb which was cooked perfectly and very flavorful, and served with Jerusalem artichoke gratin and braised kale. Both sides were delicious & complemented the lamb well. DC had hangar steak which was also cooked perfectly and delicious --usually he has plate envy but this time smugly determined that his dish was even better than mine. I didn't try his mashed potatoes, but these also got rave reviews from him. We were too full to even look at the dessert menu (due to the wine tasting, not the portion sizes). We both agreed that we will definitely return.