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Jan 12, 2007 06:00 PM

market watch: Jackson Heights

So with the recent improvements at the Trade Fair on 37th, I now prefer it to Met Food (for most stuff) and usually go to the produce market across the street from Met but...I'd love to find out what markets/butchers/other food shops people prefer in the neighborhood. I'm especially interested in any recommendations of butchers -- sad but true, I haven't tried any of the local butchers out (and I've lived here for two years) so...your favorites?

Thanks a bunch.

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  1. I mainly go to Trade Fair too. I buy eggs and oatmeal and some bulk stuff at the newly expanded Health Food store on 37th Ave between 83rd and 84th. Have you been yet since it moved and renovated? I have heard the butcher on 37th between 85th and 86th (I think it's called Don Francisco) is suppoesd to be good but haven't tried it. For Asian, I really HATE the way Pacific Market smells, so I go to the Korean market that is around 72nd and Roosevelt (between Roosevelt and Broadway). Besides a good selection of produce, freezer items etc. they have some interesting deli items in the back which I haven't tried yet (like kimchee).

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      I have heard the butcher on 37th between 85th and 86th (I think it's called Don Francisco) is suppoesd to be good but haven't tried it.

      good empanadas (argentinian style)

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        We've had pretty good success there, but if your spanish isn't up to snuff, then there may be a bit of a language barrier (I've walked in trying to buy 1lb of steak and ended up leaving with 3lbs).

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        The Health Food store renovation is fantastic. I lived on the UES for 11 years and the place is littered with health food stores and, though some of the stuff they sell is, well, taste-free, there are loads of other products that I missed shopping for locally--and the renovated JH one has most of them.

      3. What about the halal butcher at Trade Fair? If you can get past the skinned lamb's heads , might be good stuff...
        I think El gauchito on corona ave is great for beef (tho a bit off the JH path); for chicken, I go with a bell and evans bird from met or trade fair. I think the health food store that seneca mentioned also has organic chicken. I miss the dines farm stand at the JH CSA, for tasty (albeit expensive) meats of all kinds. I would love to find somewhere that sold organic/or at least antibiotic free pork and lamb.

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          This week's Dines Farm menu for ordering (order before Wed. night and pick up in JH Saturday) is now posted on Jackson Heights Life

          Get your lamb jam and ham straight from the farm.

          Rumor has it that Dines is thinking of opening a small store in JH, so if you would like to shop at a place like that, email them and tell them that. Just follow the link above and the Dines email is in there as well.

        2. I go to Pacific Market for filipino rolls but that's about it. Their fruit & veggies are in lousy condition but so are Trade Fair's. You can also find filipino rolls AND a variety of sausages at the filipino market on 69th/70th St. Woodside.

          I'm psyched about the organic shelf at Trade Fair. Not everything on the shelf is organic though.

          1. the new and improved trade fair is pretty great so far -- really good selection of frozen south asian items and fixins to make said dishes yourself, a better organic selection that days of yore AND 24 hour access.

            in terms of other stuff? i like Italian Farms (37th/80th) for deli meats and some prepared dishes (good meatballs, not so good on the eggplant/chicken front), gourmet fantasy food on 76th off 37th for eastern euro staples and the market attached to la boina roja for steaks....

            1. If it's not a big trek for you, definitely check out Ottomanelli & Son in Woodside. Frank Ottomanelli is there most weekends, and is very helpful. They have all kinds of exotic and game meat, and also organic stuff. They just started a freshly prepared Italian meals for 2 - haven't tried yet but they do look good.

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                Ottomanelli & Sons you can't go wrong. Plus all there meat is USDA prime . Artie is a great butcher and is always heplful too. Check out Ottomanelli's prepared food line also. Ottomanellis should be a stop for all outer boro's CH. The best in the boro.