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Jan 12, 2007 06:00 PM

Super Salad -- I had to share

I just made a great salad for lunch which I was digging in the fridge. That's the beauty of working from home, I can make whatever I'm in the mood for.

Argulua with sliced beets, thinly sliced gala apple, garbanzo beans, toasted pecans. I had it with sliced chicken that was marinated in a rapsberry vinagrette.

I think it would be great with shaved manchego cheese. But, tonight, I'm making it without the chicken but with pan fried goat cheese. I'm not a bleu cheese fan, but I can see how that combo would be great too.

I also made a reduction of balsamic to dot the plate and only used olive oil, salt and pepper to dress the salad.

I love it when I hit on something I love that was in my pantry/fridge.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. In New York, there's a restaurant in Nolita called Cafe Gitane. They have this great salad with arugula, beets and apple like yours - they add goat's cheese (maybe on crostini - can't recall) and sliced green olives. Yum! I particularly love that you took the time to make a balsamic reduction to add to the presentation - it's great to take those extra steps when you cook for yourself.

    1. this sounds delicious-I am always looking for new salad ideas-thanks

      1. I'm always looking to make it more interesting too! The balsamic reduction really did make the dish.

        I like the idea of the green olives. I'll try that.

        My other fave is:
        Romaine or spinach
        mandarin oranges -- or supremes if you have the time
        toasted walnuts
        Dressing: rice wine vin, olive oil, garlic, S&P.

        Love it!

        1. Chopped dates are also really good in a salad. That little bit of sweetness is always delicious. And a good match with the goat cheese. Here is a salad we have for dinner a lot -

          Romaine & Meslun Mix
          Chopped Dates
          Toasted spiced walnuts
          Goat Cheese crumbles
          Orange Segments
          Grilled salmon on top tossed with a vinagrette.

          Haven't had it in a while. I think it will be tomorrow's dinner. Yum!