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Jan 12, 2007 05:59 PM


I've been checking the boards on the old conversations about Korean restaurants.

Does anyone have any updated information about Korean dining experience in Montreal? I've only read about 3 restos: Man Na, Hwang Kum and the little korean restaurant in Snowdon (forget the name). I've heard mixed reviews on that third place. Don't go there, go there...Any other's besides those three?

I've only been to one Korean place in Old Montreal called Nagoya and I was pretty disappointed. It was trying to be more of a Japanese sushi place than Korean. Their bulgogi was much too sweet for my taste. Their kimchi was too mild and there wasn't much for choices. I grew up on southern South Korean cuisine which is more spicier and savory than the northern part of South Korea (which is known for milder and sweeter dishes).

I'm looking for place with a great bulgogi or kalbi (marinated beef), chaghamyun (black bean noodle dish)and kimchi chigae (kimchi stew).

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  1. I'd have to say that my two favourite places are Hwang-Kum House in NDG and Seoul in Westmount. I love the Kalbi at Hwang-Kum. So tender and tasty. The two places are very good in their own way. I can't speak to their authenticity since I am sadly but a gringo tourist in those places.

    1. I was just researching Korean BBQ joints to help out a recent Aussie transplant to Montreal, and besides Hwang Kum, found these:

      Korea House
      4950 Queen Mary - Snowdon Metro (Snowdon area) review:

      1858 Ste-Catherine W. - corner St-Marc, Guy metro (downtown
      )Mtl Mirror review:
      Hour review:

      La Maison Bulgogi
      2127 Ste-Catherine W. - two blocks east of Atwater, Atwater metro (downtown
      )Mtl Mirror review:

      We went to Arirang last week and though the food was quite good, it was one of the strangest restaurant experiences any of the four of us had ever had. First the waitress said that two of the dishes we wanted to order weren't available. Then she came back and said they *were* available, but the one we'd ordered instead *wasn't.* Then the food arrived and was placed in front of us, and the (sole) waitress went off to take orders at another table. Only problem? She'd neglected to leave us utensils of any kind, and when we called her over to tell her, she made a gesture like "Yeah, I know you don't have cutlery or chopsticks, I'll get to it!"

      Extremely odd, to say the least.

      I'm looking forward to trying some of the others.

      1. The Quatre Saisons on St. Jacques opposite the St. Henri metro has good BBQ. Manna on Bishop has tasty and spicy kimchi chigae. La Maison Bulgogi on Ste Catherine West near Atwater has decent though uneven BBQ. There's a place on Cavendish below Sherbrooke in NDG whose name escapes me that has good food. Chez Bong on Mackay below Ste Catherine has good chaghamyun. There's a restaurant of the same name though of no relation in Chinatown on St. Laurent south of de la Gauchetiere in the basement that isn't that great.

        1. When you are talking about BBQ, do you mean the Yakiniku BBQ you cook yourself in the middle of the table or something else?

          1. Oh yummy! I can't wait to go and try these places.

            Thank you for the recommendations!