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Jan 12, 2007 05:51 PM

Paris Restaurant advice!!!

I need a little help

We have reservations at Le Cinq and Le Grand Colbert and it's a habit of mine to go to Brasserie Bofinger every time I am in Paris. I just need one more restaurant to round out this trip. I'll admit I more concearned with atmosphere than amazing food....that said I still want a good restaurant.

Aux Lyonnais maybe???

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  1. Let me suggest Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower. Service is excellent. I have been there twice and wouldn't mind going back. Although it will seem overpriced, the food is of excellent quality. You also have to consider where you are eating; the surroundings will be a constant reminder of that.

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      My daughter and I had an unforgettable lunch at Jules Verne last June. I highly second this recommendation. Food was very good, service impeccable, you certainly can't beat the view,and although Parisiennes may look down on it as touristy, it was altogether worth every euro.

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        Jules Verne is FAB!, but be sure to reserve well in advance.

      2. Are you going to Le Cinq for lunch or dinner? I'd be very interested in your opinion afterwards.

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          We are going for dinner on the 26th. I will post my humble novice review after I return. Jules Verne? I've only heard terrible things about that place!

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            The NY Times reported that Alain Ducasse has signed on to run Le Jules Verne...story said he planned to close it this summer to revamp. No mention of current plans until then.

        2. Be careful or you may get served SNAILS!

          1. Not knowing what the nature of the complains is all I can say is that if money is not an issue and you understand that you will pay for the place and the ambiance, Jules Verne will be a very good experience.

            When I was there, I saw a man leaving the restaurant with his family. They did not eat there, they got up from the table all flustered after realizing how expensive the establishment was.

            I know this because as he was walking out, he said something like "I am not paying more than 20 euros for a steak." He was dressed in jeans. I am inclined to think that those are the kind of people that would complain about it.

            I had a very expensive lunch for four at about $800. More than what I expected; but the service, the food and the overall experience were worth it.

            If you can, forget about the money and enjoy the experience. You will be treated very well.

            1. Some ideas, listed in alphabetical order, to go along with what you've already received:

              Atelier MaƮtre Albert Rotissiere
              1, rue Maitre Albert
              75005 Paris

              ----> It all depends upon what you mean by "atmosphere." This is more modern in decor than many French restaurants, this Guy Savoy-owned place is really delicious and has a very good wine list.

              Au Bon Accueil
              14, rue de Monttessuy
              75007 Paris

              ----> Old-styled decor inside, or sit outside along a narrow street within sight of the Eiffel Tower. Great food.

              Restaurant Suffren
              84, avenue de Suffren
              75015 Paris

              ----> One of the best raw-bars I've ever found in Paris, within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, with a wide variety of seafood salads and entrees, too. Red-and-black are the dominant colors of the decor, and it's always vibrant with people and staff . . . .