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food before West Newton Cinema

where should I get dinner before a movie at West Newton Cinema? I am not sure about whats near there....


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  1. Very close is Blue Ribbon BBQ. On the same street, just a block or two down. Good stuff.

    1. You have a variety of choices. Blue Ribbon BBQ, Sweet Tomatoes pizza, Comellas (for pasta or "mess"). Lumiere if you want to go more upscale. Also, a few doors up from Blue Ribbon there is a decent sushi place (can't remember name) and also a pub next to them that has a standard burger, salads, soups menu. For dessert, head into Coney Island for Toscaninni's ice cream! These are all within a block of the theater.

      1. Welcome to the neighborhood.

        Definately try Lumiere if you are in the mood for good, slighly fancier, but very casual fare. Warm and welcoming, and definately worth the trip to the burbs.

        Shogun in the sushi place, slightly West of the theatre. A few good pubs, and some Asian fare are also nearby.

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          Confession. I've been to Lumiere once. I don't remember what I ate. I always think I should go back, check out the menu online, and next thing I know it's too late to go, because I've fallen asleep. Am I the only one totally bored by the food here? Granted, my tastes don't tend toward the subtle and refined (I'm more in the Neptune-Taranta-Eastern Standard-Marisa Iocco-Robert Fathman--yes, Fathman--camp).

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            I agree. The food at Lumiere is very good, but the menu is quite static and -you said it-booring.

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              I don't totally disagree with you, but I guess what I expect from a my local neighborhood restaurant is different from what I would expect when I go somewhere downtown.

              I kind of like that I know that I can get there and that it will be very good, the service excellent, and the evening very enjoyable.

              One of my favorite desserts in town is some variation on Lumiere's concord grape/peanut combination. It is always different, but I crave it and look forward to it every time I go.

        2. If you're not looking for anything fancy, I usually go to Comella's because it's fast and close to the theater. Get a MESS there!

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          1. Had a good burger several weeks ago at the Cherry St Grill or Cafe, something like that, on Washington St.

            1. Probably too late for this but New Ginza just down the hill from Newton Corner in Watertown on Galen Street. Great Sushi, great staff, well priced.

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                Not exactly close to West Newton.

              2. Karoun- Armenian food in Newtonville, just a few minutes away. Fantastic food - try one of the appetizer plates with lots of little tastes! This is definitely my pick for that area.

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                  Also a quick drive from West Newton is Kuzina in Waban. More upscale than all of the West Newton options other than Lumiere, but not quite as upscale as Lumiere.

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                    I have to disagree about the food at the Karoun. It's inconsistent at best. There are several better options that are closer to the cinema, like Blue Ribbon, Shogun, Comella's and Cherry St.

                  2. In case you need to find the phone # it is Kouzina- a great little place.

                    1. Paddy O's is pretty decent pub fare. It's owned by the folks who own O'Hara's in Newton Highlands I believe. Shing Yee is pretty good Chinese food.

                      1. Athan's Cafe on the other part of Washington Street in Brighton Centre. They have excellent range of food, reasonable prices, and very good pastries. We have eaten there several times after the movies and like it quite a bit. Their panini are terrific.