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Jan 12, 2007 05:50 PM

Lunch in Long Beach

I'll be in Long Beach on Monday. Looking for something good for lunch. Seafood or sushi would be great, but am open for anything.

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  1. I recommend Bake & Broil, on Atlantic. Everything is home-made and wonderful! They have the best soups and pies there!

    1. Aki Sushi on Redondo and 7th is very good, don't go to their old location (not sure about Monday hours).

      seafood at Kings on Pine Ave. is good, sushi place north of Kings on the n/e side of Broadway and Pine is not bad either. I find the rocknroll sushi thing a little wierd, bu they are OK for lunch.

      Schooner or Later at the Marina is good for a nice day.

      I like 2nd street (Belmont Shore) for the variety. the area around Bono's has several good lunch places. Bono's itself is my favorite on 2nd.

      Personally I would find myself at Joe Josts for a "special" a pickled egg and a schooner, but I guess thats a far cry from sushi and seafood.

      1. I had lunch at LA CREPERIE FRENCH RESTAURANT. 5110 East Second Street Long Beach, CA 90803. It was actually quite tasty with quick lunch service at a really affordable price (around 8 bucks or so?) Yummy savory and sweet combos. Sometimes there's a line (especially if you have a larger group be weary) but when we were there on a weekday the diner turnover was pretty brisk.