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Jan 12, 2007 05:47 PM

el maguey y la tuna

Going to el maguey y la tuna tonight and was hoping for some recs. I am not a huge fan of mole, so anything in another direction is greatly appreciated.


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  1. get the enchiladas al maguey ... complex flavors with a hint of chocolate.

    for desert i'd recommend the sopapilla.

    other than that, i've had the chile rellenos and the coctel acapulco, both good. the fajitas are plentiful but nothing special.

    1. They have a great spinach burrito. Pretty much everything I've had from there has been pretty good; I'd also second the chile rellenos.

      1. Definitely sopapillas for dessert.

        If you like Mexican Coke they can make a brandy and Coke for you. (Mexican Coke is made with cane sugar, the way it used to be made here, not corn syrup, and many people claim it's superior tasting. El Maguey stocks it.)

        My favorite non-mole (although-- are you sure you wouldn't like the red or green moles? If you only ever had bad moles, it might be worth it to try a definite good one.) Anyway, favorite non-mole dish it the Tacos al Pastor.

        Good luck, enjoy, and report back!

        1. the chicken pozole soup. the broth and hominy is heartwarming on a cold day