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Jan 12, 2007 05:46 PM

Looking for a casual nice restaurant for dinner on Saturday

Hi All,

I read a decent review for David's Kitchen on Taraval. Anyone here have any experience with it. Also, any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Hi have not been to David's Kitchen. I love Abacus on Hayes @Cole, small simple place that makes beautiful clean, modern Chinese. By modern I mean not traditional saucy or fatty. I tried it for lunch and then went back with by bf for dinner. The braised shot rib dish was stunning. Good pot stickers not overly coated in dough and no grease. The ribs went really well with the simple garlic noodles. I loved the coconut prawns as well.

    1. How about Park Chow on 9th near Irving? Well priced good food in a casual albeit a bit of a loud setting.

      1. Here are some restaurants that we go to when we want good food without having to get dressed up.

        Tangerine for Pan-Asian.
        Mandalay for Burmese.
        Taraval Okazu Ya for Japanese.
        Eliza's for Californian Chinese.