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Jan 12, 2007 05:41 PM

Gym oriented high prot/carb cooking, for people strapped on time in Toronto?

How can a beginner like me who never cooked before, do this?
Any books, websites?

Any inexpensive services like this in Toronto?

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  1. hmm.... egg whites ^^ !
    That's the easiest thing to make ...

    I know quite a few people who are into the high protein gym thing and
    egg whites is a major part of their diet. Buying the liquid egg whites can
    get expensive though, it's actually cheaper to buy a carton of eggs and toss
    the yolk... (we actually measured this out one day haha..)
    Brown rice with pan-fried egg whites and some oyster sauce is pretty good..

    Also, tofu is great for protein... you can buy many different types: soft, firm,
    already fried,....I love tofu, I think it could go with everything :) ! is one of my fav recipe sites ^^
    you can sort stuff by prep time, # of ingredients.. etc...

    Hope this helps.

    1. If you're really strapped for time, there is a delivery service called NutritionInMotion, but last I checked, they didn't have a high protein meal.

      1. Try I've had a number of her fish or chicken dinners - high protein, sides tend to be roasted veggies. Very nutritious and well-balanced.

        1. dlw88: Looks like a search site to me. Do they have a delivery service?

          sumashi: Thanks for the website, and the eggwhite part is my part of the mealplan too ;)

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              Wow, that website is amazing. I'd love to have it working for me, but I don't make THAT kinda money to spend close to $1000 p/m for the food, lol.

              I currently spend $450 for someone to make it for me, but it's not cutting it.

              Do you think I can make all of this for me for a fraction of the cost?

              1. re: Devilish

                As somebody who lives on my own and does grocery shopping and cooking, YES, it definitely will cost much less if you can do all the cooking yourself rather than buy these meal plan programs.

                You mentioned that you never really cooked before =) but I suggest going to the grocery store and just taking a walk around to look at the prices of veggies, meats, pasta, rice... if you haven't already. Skip the pre-packaged and processed foods. Maybe you'll be surprised just how much cheaper it is to cook at home than to buy ready-made food or eat out!

                By the way, I never really cooked much until after I moved out 6 years ago, but now I really love grocery shopping and cooking ^_^v good luck!

                1. re: sumashi

                  I'm off to Eaton Centre today to Chapters to get some books, lol.
                  Thanks everybody for all the help and suggestions.

                  1. re: Devilish

                    While there are wonderful and informative books out there, if you're on a budget, there are many alternatives provided online at no cost. Many food sites are now even providing streaming video to accompany recipes.

                  2. re: sumashi

                    I'd even consider going to one of the markets around Toronto to find some great seasonal produce, and delicious ethnic ingredients. Cheaper and tastier, IMHO.

            2. Canned tuna. Cottage cheese.

              Also, try the following smoothie...

              1 cup milk
              1 cup natural fruit juice
              1 to 2 Tblsp flax oil
              2 to 3 scoops whey protein powder
              1 banana
              handful of frozen berries

              Blend well

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              1. re: Richard_S

                Yea I love that type of smoothie but use Soy Milk instead of milk, and water instead of fruit juice. Add more fresh fruit.