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Can't find yogurt-covered banana chips anywhere in US!

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  • Chao Jan 12, 2007 05:34 PM
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They were easy to find in the UK, but now I'm back in the US and can't seem to find them anywhere (local stores, online, anywhere). Any help appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Have you checked at Trader Joe's? It seems like I've seen them there.

    1. Me too re: TJ's. They had banana chips with and without yogurt.

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        I've seen them sans yogurt at my local (suburban Philly) TJs. I'll try other stores, thanks!

      2. Check Wild Oats.


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          i'm in PA, so no Wild Oats. Maybe they sell them online? I'll check. Thanks!

        2. Natural foods stores like Whole Foods is where I've seen them.