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Jan 12, 2007 05:26 PM

Sites and recipe search for WAP/Palm/BlackBerry mobile use

Can anyone recommend food and recipe sites that work well on cell phone and Internet-enabled PDAs? I just got a Treo and would like to use it to browse recipes while not at a computer.

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  1. Try the food, they may have capability

    1. I may get dinged by the mods on this so i'll try to weave in opinion of Treo with an answer.

      I actually use my Bberry to log into Chowhound on my 1-hour train commute. I would not be able to do such on the Treo because it is horrible.

      While using my bberry I have had intermittant luck with accessing web sites for recipes and I am curious to the answers other place on here. I would not have been able to do such on my Treo because I returned it in less than 5 days because i could do nothing with it, it was cumbersome, impossible to punch the letters/numbers to do anything. The blackberry is much better at accessing chowhound and recipe sites due to the ease of use.

      I hope you kept the receipt because if you really want to use the keyboard to access recipe website you will exchange the treo for a bberry (qwerty board only).

      1. I agree. I am on Chowhound all the time on my Blackberry. Fast page changing times too.

        1. Jfood,

 and seem to have special Wap-designed sites, but I can't get them to work for me on the Treo.

          I am very unhappy with the Treo usability too. Very disappointing

          1. I use the Cingular 8125 and Epicurious has a version for smartphones...Epi to Go. I find CH gets a little cumbersome.