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Sites and recipe search for WAP/Palm/BlackBerry mobile use

Can anyone recommend food and recipe sites that work well on cell phone and Internet-enabled PDAs? I just got a Treo and would like to use it to browse recipes while not at a computer.

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  1. Try the food network.com, they may have capability

    1. I may get dinged by the mods on this so i'll try to weave in opinion of Treo with an answer.

      I actually use my Bberry to log into Chowhound on my 1-hour train commute. I would not be able to do such on the Treo because it is horrible.

      While using my bberry I have had intermittant luck with accessing web sites for recipes and I am curious to the answers other place on here. I would not have been able to do such on my Treo because I returned it in less than 5 days because i could do nothing with it, it was cumbersome, impossible to punch the letters/numbers to do anything. The blackberry is much better at accessing chowhound and recipe sites due to the ease of use.

      I hope you kept the receipt because if you really want to use the keyboard to access recipe website you will exchange the treo for a bberry (qwerty board only).

      1. I agree. I am on Chowhound all the time on my Blackberry. Fast page changing times too.

        1. Jfood,

          Chow.com and Chowhound.com seem to have special Wap-designed sites, but I can't get them to work for me on the Treo.

          I am very unhappy with the Treo usability too. Very disappointing

          1. I use the Cingular 8125 and Epicurious has a version for smartphones...Epi to Go. I find CH gets a little cumbersome.

            1. Treos suck; unusable and they crash. I gave mine up after three weeks. BBs, OTOH, rule!, I visit CH using mine all the time. (Another benefit of the "new" CH - the old one wouldn't load on my BB; the board pages were too big.)

              Perhaps a little OT but has anyone tried lately to visit Epicurious from a mobile device? I was trying to access a risotto recipe while grocery-shopping Saturday and it went insane. It seemed to redirect (with no prompting from me) to a new mobile service that was completely unnavigable, leaving me stuck in some useless loop unable to get anywhere. Not only could I not search for recipes but worst of all: apparently my own 'recipe box' doesn't come with me to the new service - I need to rebuild it from scratch?!

              It was really annoying :-/

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                I have problems with the mobile sites from epicurious, nytimes and also chow. i can't tell if it is that the sites aren't ready for prime time or if it is my treo.

                1. re: gochrisgo

                  I'm okay with NYTimes and more-or-less okay with Chowhound.

                  In general thought, I'm just really looking forward to the emergence of better standardization; it makes me CRAZY when I can't tell if the root problem is with my settings, my device, my service provider, or the originating website. I get pretty sick of trouble-shooting.

              2. A more mobile-friendly version of Chowhound is in the works:


                1. Consider installing the free AvantGo application. I use it to download hundreds of web pages to my Treo when I sync (I don't use do a lot of live Web browsing from it), including DrinkBoy, an excellent portable bartending guide.

                  Many sites (like most of the New York Times) offer pages formatted for AvantGo, which makes for easy one-handed reading whenever you find yourself standing in line, on the subway, etc. You can also create custom pages of pretty much any page on the Web, though the result often requires some cumbersome side to side navigating on the Treo.

                  Chowhound, unfortunately, does not currently work with AvantGo; its pages are too big. I'll be curious to see that new PDA-friendly version.

                  A longtime Treo user, I've found that my current one (a PalmOS 650 with Verizon CDMA) is less stable and reliable than previous versions, though the camera is better. I'm particularly unhappy that Zagat to Go no longer works on it (puts it in a reboot loop); it was great to have a nationwide directory of restaurant listings that I could access even when I didn't have a good high-speed data connection, with terrific search features ("show me all Italian restaurants in a certain price range with a patio in this neighborhood").

                  1. Would you like to be able to send the food sites a text message to get them to send you information about their ingredients or recipes? I'd like to see something like this...