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New cool spot for dinner tonight? WeHo area

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Morning everyone~

I'm looking for a place to go out to dinner tonight with my husband and my parents. My husband and I are easy - my parents are more difficult. Restaurants they love are places like Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega. I'd love a place with a great wine list, and nice ambiance.

Anyone have any suggestions?

A place with great wild salmon and/or rack of lamb would be preferred too.

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  1. My bad - this does not have to be a "new restaurant" - just a new idea for me. Thanks!

    1. La Boheme
      8400 Santa Monica Blvd.
      (N. Orlando Ave.)
      West Hollywood, CA

      Simon LA
      8555 Beverly Blvd.
      (La Cienega Blvd.)
      West Hollywood, CA

      8454 Melrose Ave.
      (La Cienega Blvd.)
      West Hollywood, CA

      1. How about Hatfield's on Beverly, Grace on Beverly, or if you don't mind breaking the bank, I'm sure Cut would make the 'rents happy.
        I'm curious to see what people have to say about good lamb locations also.

        1. What about Lucques on Melrose? It's not new, but it's great, and would be parent-appropriate I think.

          1. what about angelini osteria? they have their veal shank special tonight (i love this dish). iirc, they have a lamb chop entree as well.

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              Angelini may be tough on such short notice...i'm still a huge fan of A.O.C. - they have an incredible wine selection and the food is great.

            2. If you haven't already decided...

              Give Bin 8945 (http://bin8945.com/) a try. Definitely meets the wine list requirement ;)

              1. I love Petit Bistro for casual dinners. AOC and JAR are great as well.
                Hatfields is definiely on my list, but haven't had an occasion to go there yet. I found Bin 8945 underwhelming the one time I went; thought it was a more expensive and less satifsying version of Cobras & Matadors.

                Has anyone tried the new place Boulevard on Crescent Heights at SM Blvd?