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Jan 12, 2007 05:06 PM

Orris or Violet?

Deciding between these two for a nice, cozy dinner. . . Menu on-line for Violet doesn't seem to have too many choices, but everyone on this board has had such great comments. Which do you recommend, and what are your favorite dishes at each place? Thanks in advance chowhounds!!

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  1. Two very different experiences... Orris is sort of simple but elegant, French-influenced Japanese fare...somewhat lighter although there are several fried and cream-based choices like my favorite ravioli with shittake cream sauce. If you're feeling in a more Asian mood with the possibility of raw fish choices, go to Orris.
    If you're feeling more like homey comfort food, go to Violet for mac 'n cheese, short tribs, etc.
    Prices are probably similar, although since Violet's food is more filling, you might order fewer dishes there.
    (Whoops, changed it from Musha.)

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    1. Orris. The food is really, really good. Violet is a nice place and I think it gets great reviews because it's a honest, well-prepared meal at a good price in a not-too-fussy place.

        1. Haven't been to Violet, though I hear it's great. I was really, really impressed with my meal at Orris recently. Speaking of high-end comfort food, another great place in the area is Nook.

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            Finally got around to trying Violet the other night. The food was, on the whole, fantastic and quite reasonably priced. I'll post a more detailed review on another thread, but I will say I was suitably impressed. I prefer Orris but you really can't go wrong at either. As someone else noted, if you're looking for an Asian influence, Orris is the place to go, while Violet is more about American comfort food. In both cases, I love the creativity and flexibility that small plates provide.

          2. I like both... But for different reasons. I like the autmosphere and service better at Violet, it feels like a much nicer rounded restaurant. My favorite dishes are the short ribs and the Mac N Cheese.

            But if food was the #1 factor, I'd go with Oris. They always have a great variety of dishes. I love their Ahi 'wraps', their crab cakes, their Black Cod in Miso is the BEST I've had in town...


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              black cod in miso or black cod in basil?

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                Miso... I've had that dish all around town and have never liked it, until Orris (My GF ordered it, and I took a bite and ended up eating 1/2 of it! LOL!)


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                  Have you had the version at Sa Rit Gol? If not, I guess I'll HAVE to go to Orris and let you know how the two compare. So far STG's is my favorite.

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                    Nope, but I kinda shy away from ordering cooked fish dishes at most asian restaurants. I like light flavored fish and find the asian palette to be quite the opposite of that... LOL!! That is why I thought i was doomed to hate all versions of this dish.


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                      Considering that that many of the Asian food centers are made up of islands or have prominent seaside locations (Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, phillipines, singapore, Korea etc) I would reconsider your strategy. You're probably missing out on 85% of the really good stuff.