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Jan 12, 2007 05:01 PM

Better to buy food supplies in Key West or back on mainland?

I'm going to Everglades and Key West next week and I've been reading up on a lot of people's posts on good eats. It's been enormously helpful. So many restaurants and so little time! We're going to splurge and go to recommendations in Key West(Alonzo's, Santiago's Bodega, Little Palm Island, Ambrosia's and Alice's) for dinners.

But in an attempt to keep costs down, we're going to have simple lunches or make them in our room. There were a couple of convenience stores mentioned that were good like the Waterfront Market and Southernmost but I'm wondering if we're better off (cheaper and better selection) getting things like simple lunch type things, fruit and beer in Homestead. We'll be in Everglade City for a couple of days before heading down to Key West.

Also, is Everglade City/Collier County "dry" on Sunday?

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  1. Key West is an island but it isn't that isolated, lol :) There is a Winn Dixey, Publix and an Albertson all on KW on the main BLVD. But your groceries at any of them.

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      I was just thinking popular places like Key West might jack up prices.

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        I would think -- though I never bought groceries on Key West -- that the prices would be higher simply because of supply/demand and cost of fuel. Like how stuff costs more in Alaska and Hawaii? Not that Key West is as remote as they are, but there IS only one way in/out. . .just my ramblings totally unsupported by scientific fact. ;-)

        Re: Florida blue laws, I've never been to Collier County, but AFAIK most places are not COMPLETELY dry on Sunday -- you might have to wait until the afternoon, but after that you should be good. It varies by municipality as well as county, however. . .I'd say if you're taking 41 over to the Turnpike, stop anywhere in Kendall and you should definitely be good for alcohol.

        1. re: Covert Ops

          The only thing I have really noticed being more expensive compared to the "mainland" is gasoline.

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            Do you have to go to special state liquor stores to buy beer and wine or can you buy it at supermarket/convenience store?

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              The groceries only sell wine and beer but there is no lack of liquor stores on the island.

    2. There is also a K-mart.

      1. The individually owned places like Faustos, Waterfront, Southernmost grocery and thing else in Old Town know that they cater to tourist so you will not find things on sale. The major chains that I listed have things on sale just like anywhere else.

        1. If you go to a Winn Dixie, sign up for their discount card. If you don't, you will be paying 10%-20% more for your food.

          Try the food at No Name Tavern on Big Pine Key. Good fish sandwiches and pizza.

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          1. re: Mel Carne

            Are you talking about the Reward Card? If so, it isn't for all item in the store. Its only for items that are on sale and the discount will on apply if you have the card to show at check out.