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Jan 12, 2007 04:35 PM

Potbellies Kitchen Has Been Discovered

This article was in today's Daily Candy (with a link to this on their home page, too):

Daily Candy is an extremely popular site with a lot of national coverage, so this should be a pretty big deal for Potbellies (and well-deserved, IMO).

Too bad they only have 5 or 6 tables! :-D

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  1. It is well deserved. Went there last night with a couple of friends. Everything was very tasty, thoughtfully made and presented, and I love the tall if smallish space; things move there but the tables were almost always full even as people came and were seated, ate and went. There are 4 seats at the bar in front of the kitchen; no liquor license yet, but it's pending so *no* BYOB as a result. Great service; wonderful couple who own and run the place. Try giving them some business on some of the slower nights (and days: it's open 8AM-10PM IIRC, but closed Sundays); this place deserves to be supported by Boston hounds.

    1. Just as an update, they're not open until 5:00 on Saturdays. I wanted to try it this past Saturday and ended up at Amhreins.

      1. Ok, so I finally made it to Potbellies the other night and I'm not quite yet on the band wagon, but I would go back. For the positive, the sandwiches were generous, of good quality and creative combinations. For the less positive, the gingerale, served in a can with no offer of a glass or straw, was flat. The dinner choices were few and since nothing jumped out at me I went with the sandwich. Within seconds of placing the order, they started posting new specials on the blackboard. I would have loved to try the mussels or the meatloaf but didn't get the chance. Since we were the only ones in there I think the service could have been more attentive. Of course, this could just be a lack of experience. All in all the sandwiches were good enough to make up for everything.

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          Did you get another soda? Flat canned ginger ale sounds like a defective can.

        2. No, I probably should have though as my friends coke was flat as well. Really, not a big deal. I think I was more disappointed that they still haven't gotten their beer and wine license.

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            sorry if this has been asked or mentioned already, but does that mean we could BYOB if we wanted?

            1. re: cervisiam

              No. You can't do that in Boston. It's especially risky for any place that has an application for a license pending, as here.