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Jan 12, 2007 04:35 PM

Weight Watcher's friendly restaurants in West LA & Hollywood?


I love to eat! But now I am committed to a LIFESTYLE change... Weight Watchers. I can eat out, but I have to preplan meals ensuring I use my points effectively. I do NOT eat beef, pork, potatoes, pasta, and most bread! I AM picky! Can anyone sympathize and offer suggestions to some great eateries that will be satisfying!

Thank you!

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  1. I can TOTALLY sympathize with you!!! I lost 40 lbs on WW a few years ago and have since gained about 25 lbs back because I love food and drinking wine (and also thanks to a new BF); I am indeed very obsessed with it!

    My trick I used a few years ago was to be eat under my points (it was a slightly different plan back then and you could 'bank' extra points to use at later days) and save some for a splurge on the weekend. I am back on WW as of Jan 1 and so far this seems to be working again. If you are going to go out to dinner, eat a light breakfast and lunch so you'll have extra points for dinner and get those activity points too! I still go to my favorite restaurants (including many Italian restaurants) and don't deprive myself because I'll just end up eating everything. I decide before going out whether I'll have dessert or wine (and usually wine wins) and stay away from the bread basket.

    Sushi/Japanese restaurants are great to help stick to points. Have you visited yet? There is a comprehensive list of restaurants and point values...a lot of the restauarnts listed are chains, but I use it mostly as a guide.

    1. I would also suggest sushi. I usually get a lot of miles out of points by getting something like a sashimi salad (just raw fish with greens with some ginger dressing) and broiled cooked fish. Or just edamame (soybeans), some sashimi and some brown rice (most lunch-y sushi places offer brown rice now).

      I hear Applebees has a WW menu, but I have no idea how it is.

      If I get stuck at an Italian resto and want to eat light, I'll opt for the beef or tuna carpaccio, then get something like roasted chicken and ask for veggies on the side instead of potatoes.