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Help finish off my French Laundry weekend

We have reservations for FL on a Saturday night. I need help planning the rest of our weekend eats. We will be there Sat-Mon, so I am looking for Sat lunch, Sunday brunch, Sunday dinner, Monday bfast/lunch.

Some of the places I was considering were:
ad hoc
girl & fig

But could this be too much? fine dining overload? any other suggestions? we will be staying in napa

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  1. Sounds like fine dining overload to me, especially on Saturday. If you want to explore Yountville, stop in at Gordons for lunch. It is a casual place with high quality food and lovely wine country atmosphere.

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      I'd go to Redd for lunch on Saturday -- more minimalist food before your big night at the French Laundry. Then, for lunch on Sunday, go to Taylor's Refresher in St. Helena. Best burgers (including Ahi Burgers), shakes, beer on tap, and wine list in a retro Drive In. It's a must and a nice counterpoint to your fine dining. Sunday night, I'd take the night off and buy prepared food and great wine at Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena. You can assemble a wonderful dinner there and give yourself a break from driving and eating out.

      That's my recommendation!

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        Boy, we hated Taylor's Refresher - found the burger's not cooked well, the fries soggy, the shakes thin, and the whole affair (one burger, one reuben, one shke, two fries and a glass of wine) to be expensive - over $50.

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          I agree -- I really don't see what the fuss is about. Plus, you can get the same food at the Ferry Building in SF.

          No Martini House on the list? If you eat in the cellar, you can choose from either the cellar menu or the restaurant menu, so you can calibrate how "serious" a meal you want to have.

    2. After my lunch at French Laundry, I could barely eat for two days afterward. Go light on Sunday!

      1. Gordon's is a great place for breakfast or lunch anytime. Also, don't forget Bistro Don Giovanni. It's not far away, good rustic Italian, and a break from fine dining

        1. Unless you can eat a lot I'd skip lunch before the FL.. you should go REALLY hungry (see others comments)

          Of the restaurants you mentioned I've only been to Redd (last week) - had the tasting menu which was AMAZING. Reasonably priced but no amuse bouche or extras so pleasantly full but not overstuffed. I thought very highly of the place and... Tom Kellers other restaurant Ad Hoc is just next door - so if you were really wanting to be a "kellerite" you might consider Ad Hoc for dinner Sunday (if you're hungry enough) - there are many comments on the board about this place - basically a $45 menu - no choices. I've not been there but hope to soon. If you call you can hear what the menu will be for the week so you don't have to be surprised on the specific night.

          1. For a light lunch, Bistro Jeanty would be perfect. Have the tomato soup with puff pastry top or the fried smelts with spicy aioli, the frisse salad with poached egg and lardons or any of the other appetizers and just forget about the entrees. A glass of wine and you should be ready to go.

            I would second Taylor's Refresher. It's outstanding. If you are somewhat older it'll bring back some good memories.

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              Bistro Jeanty is a fine choice for lunch - as rt sez - the tomato soup is great . in fact all of their first courses are super.

              we're also big fans of Bouchon. we were turned off by Redd. Not much there there

            2. The best Sunday brunch, hands down, is at Brix. They have a infinite variety of brunch foods ranging from pancakes to fresh sushi. What I particularly like is that much of the food is miniaturized (ex: tiny madeline cookies), so that you can easily try a variety of foods.


              I have had mixed experiences at Bistro Jeanty. I usually stop and slurp some oysters at Bouchon, when I am in Napa. My favorite homey feeling, good real food restaurant is Mustards Grill (http://www.mustardsgrill.com/).

              Enjoy your French Laundry meal! We ate there a few years ago, and the meal surpassed our already high expectations.

              1. Here's our dinner @ Cyrus: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/362435

                Bring a credit card nowhere near its limit - expect to dine for a pleasant and attentive 3 hours.

                Dishes are petit - you won't be overfull after dessert, but you will feel good and hungry no more.

                A word about wine pairing and the tasting menu - unless you've built a mighty resistance to alcohol, designate a driver.

                Many good wines. Much intoxication. Much fun. Don't even think about driving. Halfway through, I ordered coffee.

                1. I really enjoyed Zuzu on my trip to Napa. Great small plates/tapas, a nice diversion from TFL.
                  Menu can be viewed at the website: http://www.zuzunapa.com/