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Jan 12, 2007 04:19 PM

Name & Addy of the Small Dim Sum To-Go Place in the SGV?

well, the topic sums it up. i am trying to remember the name of the small mom n pop place in the SGV that sells dim sum by the piece.

i tried searching but do not have the time to go through a hundred dim sum threads (ok, i am too lazy to). thanks a million!!

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  1. You're probably thinking of Dim Sum Express, 326 N. Garfield, Monterey Park.

    1. thats it! thanks chelmoon!

      1. I like to get my to-go dim sum at My Way Deli. It's on the south side of Garvey, a few doors down from Har Lam Kee. Dim sum by the piece and you can see in the glass cases other things you might not notice on menus. They somtimes throw in extra pieces if you order 6+ pieces of certain items. Parking on the street, or behind in their small shared parking lot.

        My Way Deli
        735 W Garvey Ave
        Monterey Park, CA 91754
        (626) 284-6638

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        1. re: mpken

          Ooo!! Are they open late?


          1. re: Dommy

            I've only been there in the morning. They're pretty much a morning and afternoon operation. They will sell out of certain items, or stop making fresh dim sum after a certain time. I'm not sure how late they open. You can always go to Har Lam Kee for some rolled rice noodles, pipah tofu, and dumplings (not the won tons).

            1. re: mpken

              Thanks! That is what I thought... Sadly I'm in the SGV 8pm and later! :P


        2. thanks for enlightening me to other option mpken. i might hit both up tomorrow and do a mini taste test of sorts. :D yum!