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Jan 12, 2007 04:09 PM

Why Cora's sucks...?

I've seen a number of people bashing Cora's which seems to be opening new locations in the GTA every few weeks. I've never been but one opened near me and I was thinking of swinging by, but for the harsh criticisms.

In particular I think someone mentioned that food there was pre-prepackaged and I was wondering if that could be clarified. Are the pancakes frozen? Do they use fresh eggs? Are some other menu items otherwise sent in mixes etc. from head office?

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  1. mixes from H.O., yes. The pancake and waffle batter in particular. I worked at one, very briefly.

    The eggs are fine and so is the average breakfast plate. They also have some nice fruit creations.

    1. I like it alot. There are a few orginal creations there that I enjoy. The crepe stuffed with omelette is pretty good and their skillets are good for your standard breakfast fare. I like them and don't see what the complaints are about.

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        I was one of the people that complained about Cora's. But I have been to a downtown location, which was fine, and the Woodbridge location which was downright AWFUL. I believe that there are huge differences between locations, so perhaps yours will be ok. IMHO, I really do prefer the breakfasts at Pickle Barrel because of the price and quality. Again, that is my own experience at Cora's and that does not necessarily mean that you'll have a bad experience as well.

      2. I think most of the complaints are regarding the price. It is quite expensive for what you get.

        Breakfast for the SO and I there usually runs about 35-40 bucks.

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          I find it annoying that they charge 50 cents for each package of maple syrup used. Unfortunately I really like the crepes so I make the sacrifice. I compromise by going for breakfast during the week and just going into work late (advantage of working one street over!). That way I can avoid the normal early morning crowd and get somewhat decent service.

        2. I once ate at Cora's in the west end (Mississauga?) with my family. It was fine. I wouldn't be quick to return, but the kids liked it. There's a lot of food, including fruit, but it's not prepared with much love. What do you expect from a chain?

          1. The plates can look quite spectacular and the fresh fruit is often fine. The simple breakfast foods are expensive for what you get. The more elaborate things on the menu can sound great, but tend to be boring assemblies of pre-packaged foods, tasteless sauces, and the like. No, it isn't prepared with love.

            In some communities I'll eat at Chez Cora. In Toronto, I can't see the point. But it isn't overtly "bad" food. Just not special.

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              It is also a bit hectic. It is a great tourist spot or when you are pumped up to start your day rather than slip into it.

              I find the pricing to be out of line.

              The coffee is average, but to be honest I havent been back since it first opened on Blue Jays Way by the dome. I would NEVER stand in that line.

              1. re: deelicious

                It's true - that line is hilarious. My husband and I used to pass by a lot on weekends and get all befuddled. Like, 'it looks like a typical chain (signage, decor, menu) - what are we missing that there's this huge lineup?!!'

                One day we happened to be in the suburbs where the lines are shorter; saw one and went in. It was fine - exactly what we'd have guessed - and nowhere near justifying those ludicrous lineups.

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                  Except sadly there are no choices within the immediate area...