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Jan 12, 2007 04:08 PM

Middle Eastern Food in Orlando


We will be in Orlando tonight and would love some authentic Middle Eastern Food!!!! Any suggestions????


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  1. Bosphorous is on Park Avenue in swanky Winter Park, and it's supposed to be a really fine Turkish restaurant. Here's a review from the Orlando Weekly:

    If you're in South Orlando, there's a little place called Middle Eastern Market on Orange Blossom Trail, near Sand Lake Road and right across the street from the Florida Mall. They are cheap, authentic, and awesome.

    1. Pretty easy decision actually - Cedar's on Restaurant Row.

      Middle Eastern Market is good but counter service and more of a store with hot food.

      Cedar's is upscale and authentic.

      1. Also, there's Asia Bagus and Jerusalem. Both are in Kissimmee just north of 192 on Vineland. Asia Bagus is Indonesian and quite good -- Jerusalem is more generalized Middle Eastern and quite good also.

        Since you said tonight nearly a day ago -- the post is probably moot, but wanted to try to help anyway.


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          Thank you so much everyone!!!! Unfortuantely I did not get to make it- I am just reading the replys now and am back home in Nassau Bahamas. However, I do frequent South and Central Florida so i have taken note of all your suggestions!- They are all very greatly appreciated!!!

        2. Too late for this trip (and it sounds like it wouldn't have mattered!), but I'm a fan of a little strip mall place called Falafel Cafe. It's over by UCF--counter service and not very quick, but inexpensive and quite good.

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            I went there once. I think it's run by an Armenian family and had several unfamiliar Armenian dishes on the menu, as well as the typical falafel and hummus and all that. I wouldn't mind going back and trying some new things.