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Jan 12, 2007 04:07 PM

Mexican Tonight....

My bf has a craving for good mexican tonight. We have been to Rosa Mexicano/Dos Caminos, but are looking for something a bit different--something like Bonita (in Williamburg) would be great...Manhattan is preferred.

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  1. ive heard good things about mercadito in the east village. the fish tacos are supposed to be outstanding.

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    1. re: ceeceee

      Agreed, Mercadito may be just what you're looking for and they have amazing margaritas.

      1. re: wingman

        I do like Mercadito but wondering if anyone has feedback on going there when you can't sit outside?? It looks tiny indoors. I do like to sit there and ppl watch during warm weather. Food is great but a bit on the pricey side for portion size, I think.

        LOVE Bonita! Makes me miss the Billburg.

        Tortilla Flats is hit or miss with the food, but the hyper energy and liberal awards of tequila shots is sometimes worth it.

        In the UWS, we recently had Mary Ann's and it's pretty good, definitely casual. The only thing I didnt like was they charged us $4 for 4 oz of guacamole. I'm from Texas and THAT is unacceptable by southern standards! :)

        1. re: sugarcookie

          but assuming texas pricing standards in the big city is ok? in that case, every meal is overpriced here.

          CAFE EL PORTAL and SUENOS are decent. i like ROCKING HORSE best for brunch.

    2. Try Hell's Kitchen on 9th ave, in midtown.

      1. Try Cafe el Portal on Elizabeth.

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          1. re: Saul

            I believe there was a thread about this place about two years ago, I seem to recall the fish tacos were supposed to be good there.

          2. Suenos is amazing.


            Comfy atmosphere. Quality ingridients.