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Jan 12, 2007 04:04 PM

My Favorites in Hong Kong (would like to hear yours too)

Below are the must-haves when I go to HK. I just can't get this stuff in L.A. Let me know what are your favorites. Excuse my pin yin.

Tai Ping Koon (wonderful pigeon at a nice, clean restaurant; the one in Yau Mai Tai is the best!)

Kong Wao Tofu Factory (best tofu-fu ever, I go to the one in Kowloon City)

Dak Cheung Fish Balls (best fish ball noodle soup, for some reason there is just no HK-quality fish balls in L.A.)

Buffets at hotels (Marriott, Intercontinental, Waichai Convention Center) (super variety and quality and superb desserts; I can't find better quality buffets elsewhere)

Food stalls with porridge, fried donuts, rice noodles (these places are dirty and for locals, but I can't seem to find the same quality of porridge and especially not of the rice noodles and fried donuts)

Curry fish balls off a street vendor (wonderful stuff)

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  1. I'm in HK right now for the first time - had a Sichuan meal at

    Yellow Door
    6/F 37 Cochrane Street

    I think it's a Private Kitchen.

    We had fried eggplant with chilies, cod with mushrooms, and chicken with pickled chilies - the first two were exceptional and the chicken was good but bony.

    The other tables were having Boiled Beef with chilis (looked terrific - we're going back for that) and the green beans were very popular too.

    Very nice serving staff and prices are reasonable - The above 3 dishes (plus rice) and 3 beer was aboutt $60CAD.

    1. -- Whole pepper-salt crab at the temporary market off Temple street, served with a roll of toilet paper for napkins

      -- Dining al fresco at almost any saeafood place on Cheung Chau Island on a balmy evening

      -- Wu Kong Restaurant (on Peking street?) just off Nathan Road for good old-school Shanghainese at a reasonable price.

      -- Nanjing Restaurant on Sai Yong Choi Street (just off of Oil Street, I seem to recall), a great hole-in-the wall lunch place that I frequented when I worked in mid-Kowloon for a couple of months.

      I haven't been in HK since fall of 1997, so I don't know if the same pleasures would await me today.

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      1. re: Gary Soup

        Hi, was just in HK last Wednesday, am in Shanghai now after a very nice 3 days in Suzhou, more on which will be forthcoming (excellent food...).
        Wanted to let you know that Wu Kong is closed for renovations until next month - or later, judging from the state of the doorway...was a disappointment for us - assuaged by several days in Shanghai - will also report on experiences here.

        1. re: buttertart

          I believe there are actually two branches of Wu Kong, though I'm only familiar with the Kowloon branch because that was where I was living. You can probably get a similar Old Shanghai taste and ambiance from Lao Banzhai, on Fuzhou Lu in Shanghai. Avoid Shanghai Old Restaurant (Lao Fan Dian) in the Old City at all costs, unless for a glimpse of the grandeur that once was.

        2. the dai pai dong over in soho that only has desserts. YUM!
          a must for me!

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          1. re: Lynda Vuong

            you nerd!

            best meal I've had in hk so far is yellow door kitchen.

          2. Tai Ping Koon's roast pigeon has gone way down hill. The pigeon tasted too 'gamy' ( may be they use quick chilled and not fresh ones due to bird flu restrictions) and the price too expensive. Service was pretty lousy too when I visted them a month ago. The oxtail soup and smoked pomfret were also fairly mediocre!

              1. re: bugaboo

                If I'm not mistaken, I think this place has closed down.