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Jan 12, 2007 03:50 PM

Middle Eastern Food in Orlando

Hello All!!!!

I posted last night looking for great Middle Eastern food in Fort Lauderdale- It turns out we will be in Orlando! We leave tonight and i would really appreciate any suggestions!!'


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  1. Tony's deli on Mills just south of Virginia is good, but it is a deli - no sit-down service, but with a nice selection of unusual dishes in addittion to the standards.

    Ali Baba's in Longwood is buffet style, and has belly dancers.

    Medeterian Deli on Firbanks west of I-4 has terriffic falaffel sandwiches, homos, tobuli, spinach pies, gyros.

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      I believe Cedars on sand Lake Rd is Middle Eastern from previous post I've read here, and supposedly very good.

    2. Cedars on Sand Lake for upscale, white tablecloth service. Jerusalem near Kissimmee for similar but less expensive, less elegantly presented fare. Across the street from jerusalem is Asia Bagus, for Indonesian-style food, very goood and different.


      1. If you like Israeli food, Ole Gourmet in Fern Park is good.