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Jan 12, 2007 03:47 PM

West Village drinks for first "meeting"

Blind date, so I don't want to commit to more than a drink or two to begin with. Looking for someplace in the West Village or slightly east.

Would like more of a lounge atmosphere than a restaurant...hopefully someplace with comfortable seating so we can chat and hear one another.

Nothing too noisy or crowded.



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  1. I like Dublin 6 on Hudson. Never too crowded, great drinks (especially if you get the British woman bartender), and I've never had problems with volume. The food is pretty mediocre, but there's no shortage of decent restaurants nearby.

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    1. re: seeEricaEat

      Dublin 6 worked out great. Thanks!


    2. The Other Room on Perry near Greenwich. Very pleasant wine bar where I've had (too) many first dates.

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        My first thought was The Room, sibling to The Other Room, on Sullivan between Houston and Prince. No liquor, but great selection of beer and wine and a casual, loungey feel.

      2. You can try Pegu Club, 77 West Houston. Definately will be quiet, especially if you get one of the tables for two by the windows.

        1. Turks & Frogs on W 11th works well for this kind of thing. Bar and a number of wooden tables in the front room, antique couch and chairs in the back room. Never too crowded but has a nice vibe. FYI: Only beer and wine. The nibbles are good, too, in case you get hungry.

          1. Tavern On Jane. Very neighborhood, casual vibe. You can always flee quickly if you have to.