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Jan 12, 2007 03:35 PM

Pine Nuts - Ideas/Recipes Needed

I have a couple of lbs. of pine nuts in my freezer. I'm trying to think of ways to use them. I know they may be used in cakes & cookies, but does anyone have any other ideas--are there savory uses (besides pesto as I don't have access to loads of basil right now)? In meatballs maybe? I'm drawing a blank. Thanks.

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  1. They're great with roasted vegetables. Or in couscous salad.

    1. I toast them and then use in sauteed spinach or chard w/plumped raisins. It's a classic recipe that I love.

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        Oh yes. Some chopped Golden Delicious apples are nice in there too.

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          Ooh, I've never tried that. Sounds good. Do you peel them first? Dip them in acidulated water or is it not necessary? When to add them? Thanks!

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          I also have a similar recipe where I saute garlic and ginger before adding mustard greens the add the toasted pine nuts and raisins. The contrast in flavors is really fantastic and goes well with a wide variety of foods.

        3. The obvious use is to make a batch of pesto.

          We also use them in a swiss chard, tomato, zucchini terrine that has some cheese on top. It is really delicious. Perfect time of the year for a dish like this.

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            wow! do you have a recipe for this terrine?

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              Well, I just looked up the recipe and realized that it won't help you very much, as it only has one tablespoon of pine nuts!

              You put some olive oil in a pan and saute 1 or 2 bunchs of swiss chard, add the pine nuts and season with salt, pepper and some nutmeg. Put in an overproof dish (8x10)

              Heat some more olive oil up and saute a small onion. Add a clove of chopped garlic, 2 1/2 lb of ripe tomatoes (peeled and roughly chopped). I think my husband uses a big tin. Add some thyme or oregano. Put in salt, pepper and pinch sugar. Cook for 10 min until mixture is chunky. Put this on top of the swiss chard

              Head up oil, saute eggplants (3 small, unpeeled and sliced) until light brown. Season with salt, pepper and drain il.
              Put this on top of tomatoes.

              Top with Mozzarella or Parm. cheese and back at 220 until rehead and cheese is melted. About 20 min.

              We have brought this to many brunches and it gets rave reviews. Sorry it doesn't use up more pine nuts for you!!

          2. -add sliced to rice pilaf

            -add crushed to pan-fried fish

            1. In addition to some of the uses above, I've used them with roasted poultry. For New Years' Eve, I deboned a turkey, stuffed it with chunks of duck breast, chicken sausage, leeks, sundried tomatoes, sopressata and a few other things, including pine nuts. Pinned and tied it back up and roasted the turkey whole, breast down. It must have been good, besides me saying so, because the next day it was really being picked at, and the stuffing was picked at more than the turkey meat.