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Jan 12, 2007 03:05 PM

Looking for Ethnic cheap and cheerful on Upper Westside

Taking my two nieces coming home from College out to Comedy Club on 76th..looking somewhere fun to eat...before the show...Any sugguestions?

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  1. I'm guessing you mean Stand Up NY on 78th.

    Give Land Thai a try - 82nd/Amsterdam - decently priced Thai Food.

    While it's certainly not cheerful, La Caridad across Broadway is a good cheap option for cuban/chinese - cash only.

    1. Land is your best choice - good prices, food and atmosphere. Swagat at 80th and Broadway is fairly good Indian.

      1. I agree--La Caridad 78 is indeed a good cheap option, but it is anything but cheerful! :-D The last time I was there, a family member who was with me got chewed out in Spanish by one of the Chinese waiters over a problem with the soup. Since neither of us spoke Spanish, we're still trying to figure out what he said.

        Niko's Mediterranean Grill and Bistro on Broadway (at 76th Street) has some good Greek dishes, and the food is reasonably priced. The atmosphere is very nice, too, especially the side room, which has greenhouse-type windows.

        1. Don't know how ethnic or what your budget is, but I like to bring out of towners to Citrus.

          1. I know Mama Mexico gets mixed reviews but it is cheerful (102 and Broadway) and I like it. Land is good too. Rain (81 at Columbus) is ersatz ethnic but a suitably busy place for a reasonably priced (as opposed to cheap) dinner. Too bad Monsoon closed down because it would have been perfect.