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Jan 12, 2007 03:02 PM

Mission Valley

Best eats in Mission Valley? Thanks

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  1. Ikea Swedish meatballs, ligonberry jam and appelkake?

    1. I work in Mission Valley, and chain restaurants abound so it's not exactly a dining mecca. I can recommend Peabody's Burger & Ale (GOOD burgers), Jump Tokyo (sushi), Troy's Greek, Bully's East (great bar menu; old-style steakhouse), McGregor's (sports bar of sorts; good sandwiches & beer), Chiba (very good and inexpensive sushi), King's Fish House (it's a chain, but one of the better ones), and The Little Fish Market. In MV, you're not too far from Hillcrest, Convoy, North Park, and Super Cocina (notice it has a location all its own?), which all hold excellent dining experiences.

      1. BULLY'S is always great.

        GB has a great hummis salad with grilled chicken

        1. I like Oki Ton which is behind the McDonalds in the same shopping center as IKEA. I live in the area and dine here often. It's billed as a Japanese bistro, so it's nowhere near traditional Japanese and has some oddities on the menu (like chicken parmagiana), but that can be handy for a party that includes people who are intimidated by Japanese food. Their sushi is good and the katsu is very good.

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            Hesitated trying Oki Ton after looking at the menu,but gave it a go, since we were hungry, and the other places are the lowly fast food outlets. It is closer to Costco, then IKEA.

            But the Panko crusted chicken cutlet was more then a treat. it was a nice discovery, that I look forward to again and again. The menu is out of the ordinary Japanese dishes we see on most Japanese menues. The host proudly told me, that his brother had studied this type of cooking and worked in Japan for several years to learn the method. Not often impressed by restaurants after many years of eating out, but this was a obvious wise and excellent choice.

            Highly recommended for a different form of Japanese cooking. a