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Jan 12, 2007 02:57 PM

grand sichuan, hell's kitchen for beginners

I'm going to the HK branch and am unfamiliar with both Szechuan food and this particular restaurant. I am VERY adventurous when it comes to spice/heat but a little timid about trying new kinds of off-the-beaten-track meats, so rabbit etc. is out. Can anyone give me a few of their favorites to start with?

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  1. Don't miss the cold appetizers. I personally like the beef tripe.

    Also, don't miss out on their "fresh chicken" dishes, the chicken in those dishes aren't the frozen kind and taste much better!

    1. Rabbit isn't that weird. Tripe may be pushing it for a hesitant eater, but there's no reason to be scared of a little rabbit ;-) If you saw how your everyday chicken was handled, I think you'd be scared of that too.

      1. Here's my list:

        Sichuan Wonton in Red Oil
        Prawns in Garlic sauce (NOT shrimp with garlic sauce)
        Hunan beef - A must try!
        Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken - HOT!

        I'm sure others here can add to my list. If you have a friend whose from Asia, be sure to bring him along, he can add you in choosing things that your virgin American tongue may not be accustom to ;-)

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          Seconding the Sichuan Wontons and Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken. The wontons are small, though, more like an appetizer. I like to pair them with the cold cucumbers in scallion sauce as a foil for the spiciness.

          And like the poster below states, the soup dumplings are good too.

          Some people here like the sour string bean with pork, but it didn't wow me and my boyfriend and I ended up wasting a good 90% of it.

          Some recent discussions (of another branch, though)

          Edited to add:
          Short discussion of HK branch

        2. Smoked Tea Duck (not spicy but somewhat salty, another Szechuan food characteristic)
          Dan Dan Noodles (spicy)
          Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings (note that this is really Shanghai food and the GSI version is far from the best that you can get in NY. BUT if you've never had them, it's worth getting while you're there)

          1. Fresh-killed kung pao chicken
            Gui Zhou spicy chicken
            Mapo tofu (I prefer it without ground pork)