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Jan 12, 2007 02:50 PM

Nigella's ham cooked in coke.

Made nigella's coked up ham and WOW was it ever good. Anyone else made anything of hers that everyone raved about? One of my guest for XMas dinner asked "what can I bring"? Don't know why I suggested ham in coke. But she rose to the challange and I gotta say it was THE star of the dinner. I picked away at the remains until the weekend and then went and bought a ham for new years. I used regular molasses but she used pomegranate molasses. Her's was better. Three other guest also made the ham for new years. It even tastes better days later. So if your going to make this, buy 2.

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  1. I have watched her for years and have made a multitude of her dishes and everyone is better than the next. She uses the simplest of ingredients and yet the combinations are divine.

    1. Wow, I remember when I was real little, I had an aunt who made her ham with coke (the college roommate "altered" the recipe years later:))

      Anyway, I think the idea of using cola as a glaze ingredient is actually pretty old.

      1. I remember ham with a Coke glaze being talked about in the book "Red Sky at Morning," and I think that was written in the early '60s, mebbe?

        1. Cooking country ham with coke goes way back. I also have an old recipe that calls for it to be tenderized by cooking with champange or ginger ale.

          1. I guess there is a long tradition of cooking with coke.
            In Colombia there is a typical rice dish which is cooked with coke instead of water.

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              Do you have this recipe? Not sure I'd ever make it, but it sounds interesting.

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                I used to have a clipping with this recipe but I am not sure where
                it's anymore. However, looking online I found this recipe which may work:
                2 cups of rice
                4 cups of coca-cola
                prunes (amount flexible to taste)
                red onion

                Heat oil in a pot and add the chopped onions. When the onions are translucent add the coke plus salt to taste. Once the liquid begins to boil add the rice and the chopped prunes and adjust the salt. Let it cook uncovered until liquid dries then cover the
                pot until it's totally cooked.

                In other variations of this recipe, people use raisins instead of chopped prunes. And some recipes call for a bit of butter when the rice is almost ready and some say to add the raisins at this stage and not earlier like in the recipe above.