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Jan 12, 2007 02:49 PM

Anise (Vietnamese in Chandler, AZ)

Stopped by Anise (NW corner) last evening, across from Lee Lee Market in Chandler/Gilbert area.

Spotless restaurant, knowledgeable service, and even the chef/owner came out to say hi and thank you.

Had a green bean and prawn salad with garlic dressing. Excellent and very refreshing. Friend had vermicelli with grilled pork and shrimp. Some of the best summer rolls I've tasted as well. Also, do try the shrimp bruschetta. Ok, so it's not authentic Vietnamese by any means, but were they ever good!!! Like a shrimpy, cheesey, mayoey hot dip on baguette rounds.

I was surprised to hear they've been opened since last July. Another Vietnamese to check out.

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  1. Have you been to Cyclo and how does it compare?

    WE've been wanting to try this....but haven't been able to break out of the Cyclo habit...we live down the street from there and have been going there on average a couple times a month since Justina opened. I feel so disloyal even thinking about trying the other places that have recently opened up in the area! LOL

    1. Northwest corner of which streets?

      1. NW corner of Dobson and Warner (across from Lee Lee).

        I visit quite a few Vietnamese places, and I usually find something good at each of them. The chef/owner came out, not nearly as crazy as Justina but just as nice!

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          Thanks for clarifying the location. This place definitely sounds worth a try.

        2. Not phenomenal, but OPEN and accessible...great ambience and lovely service. Makes up for a lot. (They don't mind take out or take away after dinner....Justina screams about it.)

          1. I've been there for lunch. Its nice ambiance and service, food a bit less tasty/special than Cyclo... but still nice.