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lunch place with good food and good wine in NYC

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We will be up in New York just for the day on Sunday and want to have lunch someplace fun with excellent food and a good wine selection. Any suggestions?

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  1. Neighborhood? Price range? Something?

    1. We will be in soho for part of the day, but are happy to jump on the subway. Price range - anything really - preferably not over $150 for two including wine. We really loved Casa Mono and Bar Jamon. If there is a wine bar that has great food, that would be perfect.

      1. Fleur de Sel has, I believe, a $24 lunch on Sunday. There's a wine pairing for an extra $15. http://www.fleurdeselnyc.com I think Nougatine at Jean-Georges is open as well.

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          While I love Fleur de Sel, the o.p. is asking for someplace "fun," and that's not a word I'd use to describe it. More like low-key and civilized.

        2. Tia Pol - 10th btween 23rd/22nd. Really good tapas and wine - open for lunch 11-3. Also Las Ramblas on W 4th. Not open till 4pm on Sunday though.

          1. Lupa (Thompson St. in the Village) should fill the bill. Good food, really good wine at reasonable prices. The place always puts a smile on my face.