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Fage 2% vs. Fage Light

I am a fan of the 2% and have noticed some stores have been offering Fage Light-- its got 130 calories and 8 grams of fat. the 2% has 130 calories and 4 grams of fat. Besides the difference in fat content, has anyone tried it and noticed anything different (better or worse?).

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  1. Yup - it's really good. Still has a lovely, fluffy texture, but not as rich

    1. Hello, jessica.

      I assume we are talking about the Fage YOGURT. I like the Fage 0% which has 80 calories and NO fat. I know that some dairy products change completely into something vile when the fat is lowered or removed; this doesn't happen with the 0% Fage Yogurt...especially when you add a "topping" such as honey or berries or granola or preserves.

      I have not seen the Light Fage to which you refer, but I would strongly recommend that you try the 0%, and then work your way up if that doesn't appeal to you.

      1. The 0% is so fluffy and light I actually prefer it to full fat (how often does that happen)?

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        1. re: Pei

          I agree, Pei. The full fat is really too rich (and I would kill for the perfect glazed donut!).

          1. re: Pei

            Hmm...Here, we disagree, A. I'm kind of disappointed by the 0%-- it feels a bit...dry? It seems to lack the tang of the 2% and the full-fat versions too.

            I love, love, love the 2%, but I often have to resort to buying either the 0 or full because the 2%'s not available in the larger containers. *sadness*

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              I agree, I don't find the 0% special. I love the 2% for everyday, and the full-fat is utterly decadent - I eat it as dessert.

          2. how does it compare to the full fat yogurt? i really like generic store brand full fat yogurt, as opposed to danon full fat or any other full fat yogurt (one weekend, i did my own taste test by buying 5 different full fat yogurt from whole foods and trying them)?

            i find danon is a little too sour and too watery?

            is fage different? is it sweet?

            i'm looking for the kind of full fat yogurt one may find in holland or belgium, rich, creamy yet a little bit sour. is fage like that?

            1. Fage is absolutely like that, korean korean. The sour richness is what gets you hooked.

              The Danon is just a sad case for yogurt. Having had a love affair for a long time with french dairy products, it's really a desperate act and I found a proximation of the full-bodied creamy deliciousness (if that's not too obscene) of French dairy products in Fage.

              I am willing to go Fage light. But nothing is a better mayo substitute dotted with capers, dill salt and white pepper to accompany fish croquettes than the real Fage.

              1. I can't figure that one out. How can it have the same calories but twice the fat? There are so few carbs (8grams) I don't see how they could remove those...so is there less protein?

                I agree that the 0% is a perfectly good product, the 2% is DIVINE and I'm willing to spring for the 4 fat grams.

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                  The lower fat yogurts do indeed have higher protein. My weight lifting friend eats only nonfat dairy products, not because she likes the taste or is afraid of fat (she eats bacon, fried chicken, and cake on a regular basis) but because she needs to get protein any way she can.

                  That said, I believe the 0% fat Fage does have fewer calories, but not by a whole lot. I've never seen a Fage "light" either.

                2. I actually don't enjoy the 0% at all, but the 2% is just fine. The full fat is wonderful though for making tzatziki and when you really want decadence... couldn't eat it every morning for breakfast!

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                    I agree - cannot stand 0%. It's on a sour side and less creamy. I like 2%, and whole. The full fat version is so rich and creamy, I always feel full from half - so it's just 130cal!

                    1. re: welle

                      just wish 2% came in the larger package!

                      1. re: toodie jane

                        Ditto... I can't stand the 0%, the full-fat version is really possibly only as a stand-in for sour cream, but the 2% is fine -- except it only comes in the smaller size.

                  2. Never had or seen the 2% nor do I eat the full fat version but have been eating the 0% for some time and think it's great. So much more creamy than any other nonfat yogurt product I've had. To me the Fage 0% still tastes just like the yogurts I've had in the mediterranean and in Israel - very rich and yogurty, thick, filling and creamy. Certainly worth a try.

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                      I have to rescind my own recommendation for the 0%. When I posted I had been actually most recently been eating Trader Joe's own brand of greek yogurt - the no fat version and it was amazing. I'd forgotten that I'd switched from the Fage 0%. The other day I bought the Fage 0% again as TJ was out of their own and I am disappointed. It's too sour cream-ish, too tangy, too sour and, as another poster said, kind of dry.

                      Thus, I must alert all - No Fage 0%. Add 20 calories a serving and buy the Trader Joe's Greek style yogurt, nonfat is 100 calories and, to me, just like the higher fat Fage.

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                        I'm eating the 0% Fage right now and loving it. I think it's one of those things you have to try and decide for yourself (like Pinkberry)...

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                          Probably true piccola. I can't speak to the Pinkberry thing as I've never had it but am looking forward to trying it. Only a couple of shops in NY at present and none near me or near my usual travels. Don't know if it's worth going out of the way for it.

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                            I'm in NY too, and I tried it once because I was there. I like it, but not obsessively. Though now I'm dying to try Yolato, that yogurt-gelato place that just opened downtown.

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                              I'm in the 'burbs though - Westchester - but when I'm in the city and near either, I'll check one or the other out.

                        2. re: laylag

                          Wow. I have to disagree. I've been eating (and loving) the Fage 0% for years. When TJ's came out with their house brand non-fat Greek-style, I switched over (much cheaper!). I was disappointed in the taste, though. To me, it has that thin, slightly bitter taste of most nonfat dairy products, but which the Fage lacks. I ate a couple of cartons of the TJ's, couldn't get used to the difference, and switched back, cost be damned!

                      2. I haven't seen the lite, and I'm not crazy about the 0%, but I love the 2%. It takes me right back to Greece. I eat it with cereal, fruit or honey or all three and we also use it instead of sour cream for cooking and on baked potatoes.

                        1. Does anyone know where to find Fage Yogurt, either chain stores or in Los Angeles? Thanks

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                            I just picked up some at Whole Foods. I don't remember them carrying it in the past. I think they have it at Trader Joes.

                            1. re: timbells

                              Any Trader Joe's; any Whole Foods; Henry's Marketplace; Gelson's.

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                                I'm on the company's mailing list and in the past I have received their announcement that Target was going to carry their yogurts - Target in my area is not very convenient to me, so I cannot confirm that.

                              2. I buy mine at Trader Joes, but I like the one with the honey in the little compartment. I scoop the honey out on to the yogurt like frosting, so I get a even amounts of honey with every bite.

                                1. Yeah this stuff is great, and I think the 0% is just fine. But too bad it's so expensive. I hear that you can get an ordinary yogurt to have this consistency if you strain it through cheese cloth. Does anyone have experience in this department? Comments? If you all recommend it, I might try it with a cheaper brand that didn't have to travel halfway around the globe getting here.

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                                    You can definitely do so -- in fact, the Lebanese cheese labneh is made in exactly that manner -- but the taste will not be as creamy. I've definitely done it with much success, though.

                                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                      The thing is, though, by the time you strain it, it isn't that cheap (per volume of finished product). That's why it's relatively expensive to begin with. Plus, you really have to have decent quality yogurt to begin with, because you're making it more concentrated, and every "flaw" will be intensified.

                                      Of the brands of notfat yogurt I know are available in the Bay Area, I like the Pavel's best for straining.

                                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                        I've done it too - and it's pretty easy. You have to start with a good yogurt though, preferably not non-fat.
                                        Depending on where you live, if you have Middle Eastern markets, labneh maybe cheaper than Fage Total. But be warned thought - so fattening, here in NY, the ones I came by have so much cream added on top of strained yogurt.

                                      2. re: crunchy

                                        I've never measured the volume of yogurt before and after straining it, but I'd estimate that it goes down by one third to half. So if Fage is more than twice the price of your favourite other brand, it may well save you money. If not, then it may not be worth the bother to strain your own.

                                      3. I just came across the Fage 0% at my local grocery. I had never had it before and but remembered reading this thread. With a little buckwheat honey, it is now my fave low-cal, high protein dessert. Wow, is this stuff creamy!

                                        1. Canadian Liberty brand yogurt, 10% fat, that's my idea of "wow". I've never had a lowfat yogurt (under 3.2%) that I've liked. Who makes his Fage product? Does anyone know if it is sold in Canada? My curiosity is aroused.

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                                            I've gotten all my relatives hooked on Fage 0% when they visit, but so far, none of them have found it in Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver.

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                                              Fage is the name of the company -- the actual brand name (at least in English-speaking countries) is "Total". It's made by Fage in Greece.

                                              Fage went through some difficulties a while back complying with the import requirements for dairy products into the US (it turns out they needed approval from each individual state in which it was being sold). It could be that the Canadian market isn't big enough (or isn't perceived as being lucrative enough) for them to jump through whatever import hoops there may be.

                                            2. I mix some of Fage 2% with splenda and drop Trader Joe's frozen mangos into it in the morning... it's a million times better than any Dannon fruit on the bottom out there... totally agree on the creaminess- it works really well if you're doing mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes as well...

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                                                I tried Fave for the first time today (0%). Plain was the only zero fat/low fat flavor at the store. I put in some splenda and topped with some granola. It was great. I think I am going to be hooked. I only bought one container to see if I liked it but will be back at Trader Joes tomorrow to stock up!

                                              2. I'm eating the 2% right now.. and I find it incredibly chalky.. In fact, I'm not going to finish it.. Is 0% less chalky? Also, I noticed that it only has 15% Calcium. My usual full-fat, whole milk yogurt has 35% Calcium.. How is Fage Light? Is it less chalky?

                                                I have bought 6 of this and now I just want to throw out the remaining 5!!

                                                1. FWIW, las night I saw Fage 5% for the first time at a Treasure Island grocery store, here, in Chicago.


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                                                    I eat yogurt on a daily basis. I've had the full fat and 2% fage yogurts before and found them both to be creamy and delicious. However they are very rich so it's not something that I eat everyday. Yes, Dannon is watery in comparison but it's also less expensive. I tried draining the Dannon once to make it thicker and it was pretty good but most of the time I'm just in a grab and go hurry so I don't drain it very often.