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Jan 12, 2007 02:28 PM

Fage 2% vs. Fage Light

I am a fan of the 2% and have noticed some stores have been offering Fage Light-- its got 130 calories and 8 grams of fat. the 2% has 130 calories and 4 grams of fat. Besides the difference in fat content, has anyone tried it and noticed anything different (better or worse?).

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  1. Yup - it's really good. Still has a lovely, fluffy texture, but not as rich

    1. Hello, jessica.

      I assume we are talking about the Fage YOGURT. I like the Fage 0% which has 80 calories and NO fat. I know that some dairy products change completely into something vile when the fat is lowered or removed; this doesn't happen with the 0% Fage Yogurt...especially when you add a "topping" such as honey or berries or granola or preserves.

      I have not seen the Light Fage to which you refer, but I would strongly recommend that you try the 0%, and then work your way up if that doesn't appeal to you.

      1. The 0% is so fluffy and light I actually prefer it to full fat (how often does that happen)?

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          I agree, Pei. The full fat is really too rich (and I would kill for the perfect glazed donut!).

          1. re: Pei

            Hmm...Here, we disagree, A. I'm kind of disappointed by the 0%-- it feels a bit...dry? It seems to lack the tang of the 2% and the full-fat versions too.

            I love, love, love the 2%, but I often have to resort to buying either the 0 or full because the 2%'s not available in the larger containers. *sadness*

            1. re: PseudoNerd

              I agree, I don't find the 0% special. I love the 2% for everyday, and the full-fat is utterly decadent - I eat it as dessert.

          2. how does it compare to the full fat yogurt? i really like generic store brand full fat yogurt, as opposed to danon full fat or any other full fat yogurt (one weekend, i did my own taste test by buying 5 different full fat yogurt from whole foods and trying them)?

            i find danon is a little too sour and too watery?

            is fage different? is it sweet?

            i'm looking for the kind of full fat yogurt one may find in holland or belgium, rich, creamy yet a little bit sour. is fage like that?

            1. Fage is absolutely like that, korean korean. The sour richness is what gets you hooked.

              The Danon is just a sad case for yogurt. Having had a love affair for a long time with french dairy products, it's really a desperate act and I found a proximation of the full-bodied creamy deliciousness (if that's not too obscene) of French dairy products in Fage.

              I am willing to go Fage light. But nothing is a better mayo substitute dotted with capers, dill salt and white pepper to accompany fish croquettes than the real Fage.